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What’s New in Front Door Security

With an average of over 3000 burglaries every day in the US, home security is essential for keeping your loved ones and your home safe. Thankfully, burglaries have been on the decline in recent decades. This decrease in crime is likely a result of the constant improvements in home front security doors technology. Improve your own home security with some of these measures.

Smart Locks

Keyless smart locks are superb for keeping your home safe from intruders. Being keyless, the lock can’t be picked through normal methods. This makes your home much more challenging to break into, and it introduces plenty of additional features to make your home safer and more convenient. Most smart keys can connect to your smart home hub, allowing you to have features like remote controls and auto-locking doors.

Security Cameras

Apart from door locks, Security cameras are another excellent choice for securing your home. When setting up cameras, it’s best for them to be out in the open. Burglars go for the easy targets – homes that look like they won’t require a lot of effort to break into. Simply installing visible cameras on your property will be enough to deter most criminals. If you do have someone attempting to rob your home, most modern cameras will be able to detect any movement and send you automatic alerts to notify you of potential danger. This way, you’ll be able to contact emergency services before any damage can be done.


An intercom is an extra device you can connect to your smart home hub for added security. Instead of opening your door when someone comes, you can simply use the intercom to speak with them. This will prevent any intruders from invading your space after you open the door for them. This is especially helpful at night when it’s more difficult to see who’s on the other side of your door.

Security Hinges

While it’s traditional to have your door open into your home (inswing), doors that open away from your home (outswing) are gaining in popularity. This is because they’re typically more advantageous than inswing doors. With the advent of security hinges, they’re now more secure than inswing doors. Outswing doors have always been more difficult to break in than inswing front security doors, but with the hinges on the outside, they were easier to take off the frame. However, with security hinges, it’s now extremely difficult to get them off the frame, making them the overall more secure option.

Wrought Iron and Steel Doors

Even without any innovative home security systems, you can keep your house safe with a wrought iron or steel door. The metals used to create these doors are extremely durable, making them far more challenging to break into than any other door. Just having one of these doors can be enough to deter criminals, as once again, they make your home appear to be more challenging to invade.

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