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Steel French Doors


Looking for a way to make a bold statement with your home’s exterior? Look no further than Bighorn’s selection of high-quality French doors. Our steel doors are the perfect choice for homeowners wanting to make a lasting impression with their durability and strength. We offer a variety of exterior doors that can have a huge design impact on your home’s aesthetics.

Our High-Quality French doors, mainly, are resistant to harsh weather conditions, damage from insects, and moisture, making them a practical option for any homeowner. Whether you prefer double-hinged or single-hinged doors, we have options to suit your needs. The expert designers at Bighorn also offer custom iron doors and standard designs to ensure your entries match your home’s unique style.

If you’re considering replacing your old doors or upgrading your home’s style, our products can serve excellently for every modern house. Go through Bighorn Iron Door’s catalogue of High-Quality French doors today; we also offer special custom-order doors. Turn your imagination to fruition with us.

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Steel French Doors FAQs:

Steel french doors are the most secure doors engineered to give you design flexibility and can be customized to suit your needs and decor.

Yes, french steel doors are worth having in your house. It gives you smooth access to outdoor views, allows natural light, and makes your home look lavish.

The Major advantages of steel french doors are that they give you a great view of your outdoor space and allow plenty of natural light to enter your private space.

Both Wrought Iron and steel doors have their pros and cons. Longevity-wise, iron doors will last a lifetime unless homeowners want a new design that is currently trending. In contrast, steel doors tend to be replaced quite a few times due to their limited design option, and they lose their appeal. Regarding maintenance, both wrought iron and steel doors are the same.

A combination of energy-efficient and highly durable elements provides solid latches and hinges. Due to its natural strength and fire resilience properties, it lasts more than 30 years.

Both steel or fibreglass french doors can be beneficial, depending on your needs. If you want more secure and durable doors, steel doors are your choice but if you are looking for appearance, go with fibreglass doors. With an insulated property of steel door, you will get foam insulation and thermal breaks to help stop heart loss.

BIGHORN Iron Doors warrants for 2-5 years after the initial delivery/pick-up date considering the product. Please visit our warranty page for more details.

Yes, we do customize french steel doors based on your specifications.

Bighorn offers different styles and customization of steel and iron doors and gives you the latest trends in design at a very affordable price and with great customer satisfaction.

Steel french doors cost varies according to your customization and product used.

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