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Wrought Iron Door Locks: Ensure Your Security With Style.

Doors might fortify one’s sense of security and protection, but it is impossible without the lock. There are several types of locks, but one of the most in-demand is iron door locks. Many prefer iron doors for their customization options and endurance; iron door locks have become a necessity of some sort.

At Bighorn Iron Doors we acknowledge your safety concern and assure you of high-standard locks to go with your sturdy doors. Our locks for iron doors pursue high-end mechanisms with luxurious designs and can be further personalized according to your needs.

Propelling in design and security mechanisms, not just door locks for metal doors, our range of products includes several other iron entry door hardware. From interior and exterior door locks to iron door latches and designer door knobs to handles, we offer a wide variety of hardware for our client’s iron door lock replacements.

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Iron Door Locks FAQs

There is an abundance of door locks available; some of the most used ones are Padlocks, Deadbolts, Lever Handle Locks, Knob Locks, Cam Locks, Euro Profile Cylinders, Mortise Locks, Wall Mounted Locks, Vending Locks, Furniture Locks, Rim Latch Locks.

Iron locks are known to be more secure than other locks due to the strong materials.

Iron door locks are prone to rust and corrosion under various conditions. These conditions include poor protective coating, unsuitable cleaning and poor maintenance, wrong choice or low quality of stainless steel type, inappropriate treatment, and use of non-ferrous metals.

Yes, one can easily install new iron door locks on existing doors, but not all doors are compatible. It mainly depends on the door's condition and other physical aspects.

All iron door locks have a general lifespan of 30+ years, and their life depends upon the handling conditions of the client.

Yes, all door accessories from Bighorn come with a warranty. Our Iron Doors warranty often validates for 2 to 5 years from the initial delivery/pick-up time. Each product offers a unique warranty condition; one has to check our warranty page for more details on this matter.

Yes, we charge additional costs to install or maintain iron door locks. The cost usually includes the door hardware and labor. However, there might be specific costs based on the door or the type of materials used, the number of parts, and additional customizations.

The door locks for sale in our catalog are built with the ability of replacement or upgrades. One can try several different types of locks with time; this can help rejuvenate the look of their entrance.

While selecting the iron entry door locks, one should mostly consider the door lock designs and the available security features.

A decent iron door lock costs $100 to $1000 based on the features, materials, and technology used or incorporated in the lock mechanics. The cost might exceed or decrease based on other factors associated with the market and product.

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