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Types of Door Handles That You Can Install on Your Doors

Choosing the right door handle is not just about functionality; it’s also about enhancing the aesthetic appeal and overall style of your space. Whether you’re renovating your home or simply upgrading a few interior details, selecting the right type of handle can transform an ordinary door into a stylish feature.


His comprehensive manual will talk about the different types of handles available and how they can complement various door styles. We’ll conclude with a spotlight on Bighorn Iron Doors, a leader in providing top-quality latches.

Lever Handles

They are among the most common types of door fittings due to their ease of use and versatility in design. Operated with a simple push down mechanism, they are particularly useful in high traffic areas and are accessible for people with limited hand strength. They come in various finishes and styles, from sleek, contemporary stainless steel to ornate, traditional brass designs.

Knob Handles

These knobs are another popular choice, particularly in residential settings. They require a simple turning motion to operate, which can add a tactile quality to the experience of opening a door.

While they may not be as ergonomically friendly as lever handles, especially for those with grip issues, they offer a timeless aesthetic that can suit any interior, from rustic to modern.

Pull Handles

These lock mechanisms are typically seen on entry doors, commercial doors, and larger doors where a strong grip is necessary to open the door.

They come in a variety of lengths and designs, from minimalistic straight bars to elaborate shapes. They are especially suitable for doors that need to make a statement, like front doors or large cabinet doors in businesses.

Flush Pull Handles

These knobs are designed to be incorporated into the entry itself, sitting flush against the surface. This type of handle is ideal for sliding doors or any door where a protruding handle could interfere with functionality or aesthetics. They provide a clean, streamlined look and are available in a range of finishes and styles.

Pad Handles

They combine aesthetics with high security and are often used on external doors. They typically come in a set with a locking mechanism and are made from strong, durable materials to withstand external conditions. They are available in various designs, ensuring they don’t compromise on style while enhancing security.

Twist Handles

They are less common and offer a unique way to add character to specialty doors. They require a twist action to release the latch, and they work well on pantry doors, garden gates, or as a quirky addition to interior doors.

Themed and Bespoke Handles

For those looking to make a truly individual statement, themed or bespoke handles are the way to go. Whether you want a nautical wheel for your beach house entrance or a custom sculptural piece that reflects your personal style, they can be crafted to meet any specific design needs.

Choosing the Right Material

The material of the entry handle affects its look as well as its durability and maintenance requirements. Common materials include:

  • Brass: Known for its durability and classic look, brass is a popular choice for traditional interiors.
  • Stainless Steel: Ideal for modern interiors, it offers excellent resistance to rust and tarnishing.
  • Bronze: A strong material with an old-world charm, perfect for adding a vintage touch.
  • Glass and Crystal: These materials can add a touch of elegance and are often used in decorative lock systems for interior doors.

The Best Door Handles Provider: Bighorn Iron Doors

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship in entry handles, Bighorn Iron Doors stands out as the premier seller. Specializing in a variety of designs from rugged iron to refined brass, Bighorn offers solutions for every type of door and style preference.

Our steadfast willingness to quality ensures that every handle is not only beautiful but built to last, providing an impeccable finish and smooth functionality.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, ornate or minimalist, we have a gate handle to perfectly match your needs and enhance the beauty of your doors. With our extensive range and expert advice, we are the go-to provider for discerning homeowners and designers alike.

Wrap Up!

The right door handle not only offers the necessary functionality but also complements the overall design aesthetic of your home or business.

With options ranging from traditional to modern, and materials crafted for both beauty and resilience, you can transform any entrance into a statement piece. And when it comes to finding the best in high-quality handles, look no further than Bighorn Iron Doors.

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What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Handle?

When selecting a handle, consider the style of the door and the room it leads into, the level of security required, the durability of the material, and ease of use. Ergonomics are also important, especially in high-traffic areas or for those with limited mobility.

How Do I Maintain My Handles to Ensure They Last Long?

Regularly clean your knobs with mild soap and water to avoid damaging their finish. For brass or copper handles, occasional polishing may be necessary to maintain their luster. It’s also a good idea to tighten any loose screws periodically to ensure the handle remains secure.

Are There Specific Types of Door Handles that are Better for Exterior Use?

Yes, for exterior doors, choose knobs manufactured from materials that are weather-resistant without corroding or fading. Stainless steel, brass, and bronze are excellent options for their durability and resistance to rust and tarnish.

Can I Replace My Handles Without Changing the Entire Door?

Absolutely! Replacing handles can be a simple and cost-effective way to update the look of your doors without the need for a complete door replacement. Make sure to measure the existing locking system and latch mechanisms accurately so that the new knobs fit perfectly.

Where Can I Find Unique or Custom Door Handles?

For unique or custom door knobs, consider specialists like Bighorn Iron Doors. We have a wide range of custom finishes and designs to match your aesthetic preferences and functional needs, ensuring that your entry handles are as unique as your home or project.

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