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Single Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Nothing says success more than a beautiful home with stylish, elegant wrought iron doors. Single-wrought iron entry doors are subtle and traditional. It creates an unforgettable entrance and draws admiration from passersby. Be assured that whatever style you choose, single wrought iron doors will add undeniable charm and class to your home.

The main purpose of having the door is to make your home elegant and secure. With unbeatable durability, Wrought iron single-entry doors offer superior security and protection against invasions. Their high-grade construction makes them exceptionally strong and difficult to damage, crack or break.

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Single Wrought Iron Doors FAQs:

It depends on what suits the style of your home. A single wrought iron door will be preferred if you have a small entryway. Double wrought iron doors are ideal for homes with wide interior access walkways. For detailed information, Check out our blog Single Vs. Double Front Doors: Which Is Right For Your Home?

Yes, both single and double doors are equally secure. Since both are made with the same wrought iron materials, both are secure. However, only the design is different.

Wrought iron has different properties than cheap cast iron. They are durable and designed to last a long time. Like other metals, it can develop rust when exposed to small amounts of water.

Yes, their high-grade steel construction and different properties than the cheap cast iron, wrought iron doors are durable & everlasting.

Both Steel and iron are the most popular choices for the door. While both are metal and are very strong and durable, there are differences you need to consider while selecting them. Both are very strong, but longevity-wise, iron doors will last longer and be more secure. Comparing design, iron has more customization options while steel doors offer more industrial aesthetics.

The total weight of a single wrought iron door depends on the dimensions and iron used in the design.

Yes, all doors come with a warranty. BIGHORN Iron Doors warrants for 2-5 years after the initial delivery/pick-up date considering the product. Please visit our warranty page for more details.

Yes, We have specialized craftsmen who can make a single wrought iron door per your specifications.

Single wrought doors cost varies according to your customization and the product used. For example, our single wrought iron doors price starts from $1560.

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