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You may create your own custom iron door for the same price as our standard designs. All of our designs are available in double or single doors with square top, eyebrow top, full round top, and square top eyebrow door options. Also, you can add transom, sidelight, or order thermally broken. We specialize in all custom iron doors and windows. Fill out the form below or call (833) 811-7199 to order a custom made door or window.

    Custom Wrought Iron Doors FAQs

    Wrought iron doors are made of pure iron with no carbon content, which makes them stronger, more resilient, and resistant to rust.

    No, wrought iron doors do not rust since they are purified from carbon content.

    Yes, all wrought iron doors from Bighorn do have a warranty period. The Iron Doors warranty often validates for 2 to 5 years from the initial delivery/pick-up. Every product has a unique warranty; visit our guidance page for more details.

    Yes, some of our popular accessories for custom exterior metal doors include iron door locks, pull handles, touch-up kits, screens, and other add-ons.

    Manufacturing a custom iron door mostly takes six to eight weeks, but more or less time differs according to the order.

    Custom iron doors are seen more as an investment than an expense, like pre-made ones. Although their initial price might be higher than pre-made iron doors, they serve longer and will save you from the expense of regularly changing your door.

    The design will include the necessary detail for the door’s creation and installation. It will provide the blueprints for your new door.

    Yes, one can easily install a custom iron door on any doorway. However, depending on the jamb’s condition, one can or cannot go straight to installation.

    Call us at (833) 811-7199 or visit our Custom Order Page to submit the Custom Order form. Details like your name, phone number, state, width & height of your order, and so on, are needed.

    One should avoid using harsh cleaners; some chemicals may react and damage the door. So mild cleaners with soft, non-abrasive cloth are more than enough. Further, dry it after cleaning.

    Bighorn has a detailed policy for returns well-incorporated with the company’s terms and conditions.

    Our custom-made wrought iron doors range from $1000 to $5000 on average. There will be variations on price based on the amount of further customization like the door’s style, iron’s type, installation agencies if used, and so on.

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