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Your Guide to Electric Locks for Steel French Doors

Keeping our homes safe and secure is vital, and one way to do that is by keeping our doors locked. While you probably have plenty of standard locks in your home, you’ve also likely heard about electric locks. But, what’s so special about them? Here’s why you might want to consider installing electric locks on your steel French doors.

What Are Electric Locks?

Electric locks generally work like standard locks. They extend a bolt into the door frame to secure the door. The difference is that standard locks require a key to be unlocked, while electronic locks use key replacement. The key replacement will depend on the lock you have and can come in many forms, such as a keycard or a key code.

Going a step further, some manufacturers upgrade their electric locks to smart locks, meaning that they don’t need to be interacted with directly. Instead, you could have an app on your phone to lock and unlock your door at any time, anywhere. Some systems can even set your door to lock and unlock on a schedule.

Why Electric Locks for French Doors?

Regular locks for steel French doors will keep your home safe. The doors themselves are durable, and regular locks have kept homes secure for years. So, why choose to install an electric lock on your French doors? Electric locks provide plenty of benefits to make them superior to normal locks.

Resistance to Standard Break-In Methods

Steel French doors are difficult to break themselves because of the material they’re made of, especially when combined with impact-resistant glass. That makes it easier for intruders to attempt to break in by picking the lock on the door. However, electric locks can’t just be picked, making them more resistant to break-ins.

No More Losing Your Keys

If you choose an electric lock that doesn’t have a physical key, such as one with a key code, you no longer have to worry about losing or damaging your keys and needing to get them replaced.

Changing the Lock is Easy

Locks sometimes need to be changed. The process can be long and expensive, depending on just how many locks you need to change and if you need to hire someone to do it for you. With electric locks, you can easily change things like your key code without any hassle, and you don’t need to worry about making any physical changes.

Smart Locks are Convenient

When you have a smart lock, you can lock or unlock your doors no matter where you are. With this, you can easily let friends or family into your home while you’re away, and you can unlock your home for emergency responders in emergency situations. For some smart locks, you can even acquire remote monitoring apps that will show you whether the doors at your home are locked or unlocked, and you can be notified if your doors unlock without your input. This is both convenient and reassuring.

Whatever locks for French doors you choose to get, you can always purchase steel French doors that will keep your home safe from Bighorn Iron Doors. Get in touch with us today to learn about our doors and how you can order your own.

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