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What are Pivot Doors? How Do They Work

Pivot doors offer a unique flair that elevates an entranceway. They’re a favorite for high-end builds. They can be built larger than traditional hinged doors, and they don’t need a frame.

The movement of a pivot door is smooth and effortless. It just makes you feel good. Especially when you’re greeted by its signature tail.

How They Work

These entries open and close differently than a traditional hinged door. Instead of relying on the side frame to support their weight, they use a set of pivots that are mounted at the top and bottom of the door.

This allows them to support much more weight than the average hinged door, as well as to be much wider. They also offer a sleek appearance that is often sought after by designers and homeowners alike.

When you open or close a pivot entry, the movement is smooth, effortless, and elegant. This feeling is often attributed to the pivot door’s signature tail, which moves inward when the door moves outward and vice versa. However, their beauty is also due to the fact that there are no hinges in sight, and all of the attention can be placed on the door’s design.

These doors are a popular choice for luxury homes because they provide a stunning transition that adds a sense of grandeur to any entryway. They can be designed to open inward or outward, depending on the space and desired effect.

Pivot doors are also perfect for showers because they allow for larger, more expansive glass panels that would otherwise not be possible with a standard swinging door.

Besides their aesthetic appeal, pivot entries are highly functional because they help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and prevent air leakage.

They are a great option for both residential and commercial applications and are obtainable in a variety of styles and materials, including thermally broken aluminum framing and 1″ glazing.


Pivot entrances open up spaces and create eye-catching entryways that are sure to be a conversation piece for guests, family and friends. They are larger than traditional swinging doors and can be designed to open in a variety of ways, from glazed to bi-fold.

Pivot door installation is similar to installing a hinged door with the exception that the pivot hardware needs to be mortised into the frame of the door and the ceiling plate.

A point laser can be used to mark a location for the top pivot tube on the ceiling plate, and screws can be pre-drilled for ease of installation.

A floor plate is then affixed to the floor, on where the spindle sits and can be attached with glue or clamps if it’s a frameless glass pivot entry. The top pivot tube is then fitted, and with the use of an Allen key, the pin can be extended (to a maximum of 16 screw twists).

The door can then be placed onto the floor plate in the opened position, and the adjusting screw can be tightened to fine-tune the movement and positioning of the door. For additional security, or if the door opens outwards into an outdoor space, a locking mechanism can be added. 


These entrances add a touch of elegance and refinement to residential homes and commercial spaces. They can be incorporated in front entrances, glass shower doors, and even large sliding doors to divide areas within a trendy bar. The beauty of a pivot door is not only in its movement but also in the way it makes you feel when you see it.

Like any door, it is important to keep your pivot entryways in good working order by performing regular maintenance. It is advisable to lubricate the hinges and pivot points at least every six months with a silicone-based lubricant.

Besides the usual wear and tear, pivot doors can be impacted by changes in climatic conditions. Rain, snow, hot and cold, sitting water, and humidity can all cause wood to shrink or warp.

The single biggest threat to your pivot entrances, however, is sunlight. The UV rays and heat radiation from the sun can damage the door surface by discoloring it, cracking it, or even making it warp or delaminate.

It is important to install a dependable security system or multipoint locking mechanism with your pivot entries. Their unique design may leave them vulnerable to intruders who could take advantage of the exposed hardware and the lack of traditional locking mechanisms.


As with any door, if properly designed, constructed, and installed, pivot entries offer a high level of security. Using strong materials such as steel, they are extremely resistant to forced entry and can be fitted with many locking systems. They also allow for a more open and flexible interior space.

However, like any door design, they must be properly maintained. Regular inspections can help uncoverany potential safety issues and ensure that the system is operating as it should be.

This will help to avoid damage to the door or frame, as well as ensuring that the movement of the door is smooth and free from any obstructions.

These luxury-looking doors inspire intrigue and evoke a sense of luxury in any home or business. Their unique design allows them to come in a huge range of sizes.

This allows the door to be a focal point rather than just an entranceway. Their movement is smooth and effortless, with the signature tail adding a touch of elegance.

The location of the pivot hinge allows them to be much heavier than traditional hinged doors without the risk of damaging the frame or the hinges.

This freedom in size, coupled with the option to use a wide variety of indoor materials, can make these doors a stunning addition to any modern building or home.

Wrap Up!

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Not only do we offer a high level of security with strong materials and multiple locking systems, but we also provide a flexible and open interior space.

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