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The Best Iron Door Design for Different Climates

Wrought iron doors are designed and built to withstand weather of all kinds. No matter where you live or the climate you’re in, you really can’t go wrong with a wrought iron door. Iron doors are highly diverse in design and style, making them a fantastic choice for any home. However, this diversity also means there are design elements more suited to specific climates than others. Let’s take a look at the best iron door designs for different environments so you can have the most beneficial door for your home.


Choosing the Best Door Based on Temperature

One of the primary separators of climates is the difference in temperatures between different regions. Colder climates generally have freezing winters and mild summers, while hotter climates typically have scorching summers and mild winters. Of course, if you’re really unlucky, you live somewhere that has both freezing winters and scorching summers.

In general, thermally broken wrought iron doors are a fantastic option for any temperature. While you might assume otherwise, as metal can get hot or cold quickly on its own, wrought iron doors are built in a way to prevent this from affecting your home. Instead, the doors are insulated exceptionally well, so you don’t have to worry about the temperature outside getting into your home.

There are, however, specific design elements that can make your iron door more suitable for colder or hotter weather.


The Best Iron Door Design for Cold Climates

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Living in a colder climate means dealing with more than just the lower temperatures; you also need to handle weather conditions such as snow and hail. These conditions put a lot of strain on any door, but there are two key details you can include to make your wrought iron door winter-proof.

The first aspect you’ll want to consider is the way your entry door swings. When you order a door, you can decide between an inswing and an outswing door. An inswing door opens into your house, while an outswing door opens away from your home. Outswing doors do have their own benefits, but they can be a real detriment in colder climates. When the snow starts to pile up during the winter, it can become quite difficult to open an outswing door. Instead, inswing doors make it possible to open your door at all times of the year, even when there’s a few feet of snow on the ground.

The other aspect you should consider is the glass in your door. Because of the pressure from the snow and hail, the glass can get damaged. On top of that, the cold weather can leak through regular glass and into your home. The easiest way to deal with this is to have a door with minimal glass. If you’d prefer large glass panes in your door, then look into buying bulletproof glass. While it would look just as lovely as standard glass, it would be far more secure against the weather. It even has insulating properties to keep the cold out.

The overall best iron door design for a colder climate is an inswing door with minimal glass for maximum protection against the weather.


The Best Iron Door Design for Hot Climates

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Living in a hotter climate means dealing with the often overbearing heat, but you don’t really need to worry about issues like snow and hail. This provides quite a bit more freedom in the design you choose for your door.

When it comes to inswing versus outswing doors, it doesn’t matter as much in warmer climates. Because you aren’t really worried about snow in front of your door, there’s no harm in choosing an outswing door. In fact, outswing doors offer plenty of other benefits, including increased security and greater climate control. So, when you aren’t worried about whether you’ll be able to open your door, outswing doors are the preferable choice.

Having plenty of glass on your door is also more viable when you’re not worried about the snow or hail damaging the glass. The only concern you’ll need to take into account is the ability of the heat to pass through the glass. However, energy-efficient glass is easy to find these days, and simply adding a second pane in the door can make a big difference for your energy bill.

Overall, the best iron door design for a hotter climate is an outswing door with large energy-efficient glass to enjoy the sunlight without the detrimental heat gain.


Choosing the Best Door Based on Humidity

The other primary factor affecting climates is their humidity level. While this may not seem like it would have a considerable effect on the design of your door, this is a particular case for wrought iron doors. Because wrought iron can rust in humid climates, different wrought iron door designs can change how easy it is to maintain your door in other regions.


The Best Iron Door Design for Humid Climates

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A more humid climate is harder on wrought iron doors than dry climates. They aren’t doomed in the humidity; they just need to be cleaned and checked for rust more often. There are also plenty of methods for preventing rust, even in humid climates. However, one easy way to make the maintenance much easier on yourself is to get french doors! French doors are excellent for many reasons, but they’re specifically advantageous in humid regions because there’s less metal on the doors. With less area that can potentially rust, you won’t have to spend as much time on maintenance.


The Best Iron Door Design for Dry Climates

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On the other hand, wrought iron doors are able to flourish the most in a dry environment. While you still need to maintain them through regular cleaning, that won’t need to be as often. You’re also far less likely to need to spend time removing rust from your door. In this case, you should take full advantage of the region you’re in and get a wrought iron door with plenty of metal coverage. This can mean having smaller windows, but you can also have large glass panels in your door with decorative wrought iron coverage. That way, you’ll be able to get the most out of the beauty wrought iron has to offer without the hassle of too much maintenance.


Order the Best Door for Your Climate from Bighorn Iron Doors

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Now that you know the best iron door design for your region, contact Bighorn Iron Doors to order your own! We create wrought iron doors of the highest quality in a wide variety of sizes and styles. We even offer the opportunity for you to order your own custom-made door, so you can be sure it has all the design elements you’re looking for while matching your aesthetic preferences. Ordering an iron door from us means receiving a masterfully crafted door you can be sure you’ll love.

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