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Inswing vs. Outswing Doors in the US

The most significant difference between inswing and outswing doors is the direction that they open. Inswing doors open into the room, while outswing doors open away from the room. For example, if your home’s front door is inswing, you push to open it. If it’s an outswing door, you pull to open it. While this may seem like a minor difference at first glance, each design carries a specific set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dive into the real difference between inswing and outswing doors so you can make an informed door purchase.

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Inswing Doors

The most commonly believed benefit of inswing doors is that they’re more secure than outswing doors. This is because of the placement of the hinges: hinges are on the inside of the home with inswing doors, while the opposite is true for outswing doors. However, the hinge placement actually makes it easier for people to kick in an inswing door.

When it comes to weather protection, inswing doors can actually be vulnerable to wind and rain. On the other hand, they’re great to have when the snow piles up outside. Even with a foot of snow on the ground, it won’t be difficult to open an inswing door.

Because they swing into your home — or whatever room they’re used for — you need to ensure there’s enough clearance on the inside to operate your door entirely. For example, it may be easier to have an outswing door as your front door if you have a cramped entryway, while inswing bedroom doors would make more sense in a narrow hallway.

Outswing Doors

Although their hinges are on the outside, outswing doors may be your better option for security. Because they don’t swing inward, they’re pretty difficult to kick in. It’s also possible to get security hinges that robbers can’t take advantage of to get into your home.

Outswing doors are also more resistant to rain and winds and are especially helpful in hurricane regions. Outswing doors are much more challenging for the wind to blow open than inswing doors. However, if snow piles up outside your home, you may have a lot of trouble getting your door open.

Should You Get an Inswing or an Outswing Door?

What direction swing door you get will be highly dependent on the weather in your area and the amount of space you have for your door. If you live somewhere farther north, such as Denver, you may be more inclined to get an outswing door for your entryway. Getting stuck in your home in the wintertime would be an unpleasant experience. On the other hand, if you’re living in Houston, where you’re far more concerned about rain and winds, then an outswing door may be the superior choice for your front door.

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