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The Best Door Design for Each Architecture Style

Finding the right door for your home can be a fun but difficult task. There are plenty of door designs out there, and you want to find one that will be durable and secure while also looking good with your home. Thankfully, wrought iron and steel doors are as secure as it gets, and they come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Whatever style of home you have, you can find an iron or steel door that will fit right in! To help you out, here are the best door designs for some of the most popular architectural styles.


Modern home design is all about sleek, stunning simplicity. These homes feature crisp lines and simple color palettes and tend to use metal, glass, and steel in their construction. They also make use of expansive windows, brightening the home with natural lighting. Overall, these designs are meant to represent a forward way of minimalistic thinking.

Best Door Design for Modern-Style Homes

The best doors for modern-style homes are steel doors with large windows. The material fits perfectly with the rest of the build, and they provide both the sharp lines and the large windows that are essential to modern design. The following door is a perfect example of what would go well with a modern-style home:

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors product page


Scandinavian-style homes are meant to encapsulate the simplicity of life demonstrated in Nordic countries. Common characteristics of this design are white color palettes and the incorporation of natural elements like wood and steel. They’re also known for being spacious, minimalistic, and full of natural lighting.

Best Door Design for Scandinavian-Style Homes

The perfect door for this style of home would be a French steel door like the one below. The material would fit well with the other natural elements, they’re minimalistic in design, and they provide plenty of natural lighting for the home.

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors product page


Transitional-style homes have become popular, as it features both traditional and modern design elements. This may sound contradictory, but it creates an appealing balance. In this style of home, you’ll often find a mix of modern materials and sleek lines, along with traditional elements of plush and patterned furniture. They also make use of a neutral palette, which, altogether, creates a warm and welcoming environment while sporting a sleek look.

Best Door Design for Transitional-Style Homes

A steel door with a fun pattern would make a great addition to a transitional-style home. The steel would enhance the modern aspect, while the fun pattern would complement the traditional aspect. The following door is an excellent example of what would fit in a transitional home:

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors product page

Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes can come in a variety of styles, but some defining features group them together. Some of those elements are steep roofs, shingle siding, and gabled dormers. Many elements focus on simplicity and symmetry. For example, they tend to have centralized chimneys and centered entryways. They’re also known for having simple exterior ornamentation.

Best Door Design for Cape Cod-Style Homes

The best door to go with this style is a simple steel door with very little ornamentation. These homes go for a simple aesthetic, and anything else would detract from that. If possible, it would also be best to have a double door for the entryway, as that would enhance the symmetry of the home. This door is a wonderful example of what would go well in a Cape Cod-style home:

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors gallery


Mediterranean-style homes emphasize outdoor living and keeping homes cool during the summer. Exterior design elements of this style tend to feature plenty of arches, clay tile roofs, stucco walls, and wrought iron details. Many of these features are intended to help keep the heat out during the hot season while looking luxurious all year round.

Best Door Design for Mediterranean-Style Homes

Because of the focus on wrought iron details, any wrought iron door will fit well in a Mediterranean-style home. They’re especially fitting since they’re also good at keeping the heat out during the summer, which is another bonus for Texas homeowners. However, to keep it more in style, you might want to consider a door that has an arched top, like the following wrought iron door:

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors gallery


Although modern and contemporary design are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between the two. While modern-style is more strict based on design that started in the 20th century, contemporary design is much more fluid. This style focuses more on representing a sense of currency than following specific designs. For example, you can find more curved lines in contemporary design.

Best Door Design for Contemporary-Style Homes

As with modern-style homes, a steel door with a large window would make a great fit for any contemporary home. However, you may want to add more curved elements to it, like with this French steel door:

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors gallery


Along with various versions of Colonial design, Tudor-style homes are very popular in southern states. These homes tend to look like something out of a fairy tale, made up of brick and stone with tall roofs and windows. 

The front doors of these homes are also an important aspect. They tend to be large with arched tops, giving them a bit of a castle-like appearance.

Best Door Design for Tudor-Style Homes

A large and intricately designed wrought iron door would be a perfect fit for a Tudor-style home, as it would give it that fantastical look, especially one with a large, arched top to it. Look no further than the following door for a great example of what would look amazing in your Tudor-style home:

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors gallery


Craftsman-style homes are fairy distinguishable upon sight. They’re known for their covered front porches, deep overhanging roof eaves, and tapered columns. They also tend to use a natural-looking color palette of browns and greens. Doors for these homes are normally partially paneled, with the panel generally taking up the top third of the door.

Best Door Design for Craftsman-Style Homes

A partially paneled wrought iron door would be a wonderful fit for this style of home. The color of the metal is well-suited to the design’s palette. You could even choose a door with vertical bars to complement the columns on the house, like with the following door:

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors gallery

Get the Perfect Door for Your Home’s Style

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