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Design Ideas for Your Mediterranean Style Home

Mediterranean-style homes are influenced by the architecture in many European countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece. These homes emphasize outdoor living and are focused on keeping homes cool in hot summers. A Mediterranean-style home is a perfect design choice for any homeowner in Texas as it’ll help keep the heat away during the summers and will look stylish and luxurious year-round. If you’re wondering what sort of Mediterranean design you can implement in your home, we have some ideas for you here.

Exterior Design Features

Mediterranean-style homes have a distinctive exterior design. Typical characteristics you’ll see are arches (for both windows and doorways), clay roof tiles, stucco walls, and wrought iron details. If you’re looking to make some changes to the exterior of your home, you could consider adding archways to the design or even simply exchanging current design elements, such as your lights or house numbering, for wrought iron pieces instead.

Mediterranean Door

One easy way to take a step towards a more Mediterranean look would be by installing a wrought iron door for your front door. These doors look great on their own, but they would also create a more cohesive look if you have, or are getting, other wrought iron details. As a bonus, iron doors are another feature that’s fantastic at keeping your home cooler in the summer.

Outdoor Living Space

If you have the space for it, then an outdoor living area is central to the Mediterranean design. Many Mediterranean homes feature patios or loggias (a room with at least one open side) in order to host gatherings with family and friends. These features make it feel like there’s more space to work with in the home. They’re also able to bring the homeowners and guests closer to nature, which is another important aspect of Mediterranean design.

Interior Design Elements

The interior of a Mediterranean home tends towards a more minimalistic design and uses plenty of white and neutral colors. However, Mediterranean décor can feature more bold colors, such as bright blues that take inspiration from the sea. It’s also common to include colorful and complex tilework to accentuate your interior, which could be placed in areas such as the stairs, or as a kitchen backsplash.

Accentuate the Walls

Just like with the exterior walls, the walls inside Mediterranean-style homes tend to be textured. If you’re working with flat walls, then plaster products can be applied to create a textured look. Another way of accentuating the walls is by adding indented archways to them. This adds a nice look on its own, but shelving can also be installed in these archways for extra storage. Finally, instead of the sharp corners and edges we normally see in our homes, soft and rounded edges are far more common for Mediterranean homes.

Bring Nature Inside

As being close to and decorating with nature is a big aspect of Mediterranean style, it makes sense that you’d want to bring nature inside of your home. Vining plants and classic botanicals complement the rest of the Mediterranean aesthetic. This is especially true if they’re planted in rustic or terra cotta pots.

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