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How to Maintain Wrought Iron Doors

If you’ve recently bought or are thinking of purchasing a wrought iron door, you’ll need to know how to maintain it. Thankfully, wrought iron doors are actually quite easy to maintain, as all they really need is some simple cleaning and rust prevention. Properly maintained, your door could last upward of 30 years or more. Since we’re here to teach you how to maintain wrought iron doors, we’ll also talk about minor repairs you can do at home and how to paint your door without damaging it in the process!


How to Clean Your Wrought Iron Door

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As wrought iron doors are relatively low-maintenance, the best thing you can do for them is to keep them clean. For many of us in Texas, we can get away with washing our iron doors once a month. However, for those living closer to the coast, you’ll be better off giving your iron door a wash twice a month. The salty coastal air is corrosive to the metal, so frequent cleaning will help prevent that corrosion.


Cleaning Your Iron Door

When cleaning your door, most common multi-purpose household cleaners or alcohol-based cleaning solutions will be okay. In general, you should be using a cleaner that would work on light switches and remote controls. You’ll also want to have some sort of cloth or microfiber pad to rub cleaner on the door. 

Don’t apply the cleaner directly to the door. Instead, mix it with water to put on a cloth or pad or apply some cleaner to an already wet cloth or pad. After cleaning the entire door, rinse it with water, then rub it down with a dry cloth or sponge to get most of the water off. After that, it can be allowed to air-dry the rest of the way.


What to Avoid

To prevent damaging your door as you clean it, avoid any of the following:

  • Bleach solutions in high concentrations, as those can cause corrosion
  • High alkaline cleaners, as those can damage the metal
  • Cleaners typically used on bathroom fixtures, as those can damage the protective finish on the door
  • Abrasive products for applying the cleaner, such as scouring pads or steel wool


How to Prevent Your Wrought Iron Door from Rusting

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Aside from keeping your door clean, the only thing you really need to worry about with wrought iron doors is the potential to rust. The first step to preventing your door from rusting is by keeping it clean, as mentioned above. Once again, this is especially true if you live near the coastline. Another easy way to prevent rust is by applying oil to your hinges. Not only will that offer protection, but it will also keep your door operating smoothly and quietly.

If you have car wax, that’s another great option for protecting your door from rust. Just like with your car, it will make water roll right off your door rather than resting there and causing rust. You can apply the wax with a lint-free cloth, and you’ll only need to reapply it every six months or so. 

If you don’t have car wax, you can coat your door in linseed oil instead. This will add a protective layer to your door while also giving it a nice glow. Note that the linseed oil would need to be applied more frequently than the car wax. Finally, a coat of primer and paint will be able to protect your wrought iron door from rust.


How to Repair Your Wrought Iron Door

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Although it doesn’t happen often, it is possible for your wrought iron door to get damaged. If that occurs, try following these steps to repair your door on your own.


Getting Rid of Rust On a Wrought Iron Door

The most common problem that can happen with a wrought iron door is corrosion. Fortunately, this can be easily dealt with when it’s spotted early. It would be a good idea to take a minute to check your door for rust while you’re cleaning it every month. In fact, small rust spots can be taken care of just by cleaning the door! If that doesn’t work, the next step is to rub a wire brush or sandpaper against the rust to remove it. If you find you’re having trouble removing the spots, you can dab a bit of kerosene on the rust with a cotton pad. That will soften the rust, making it easier to rub off.


Repairing a Dented Wrought Iron Door

With enough force, it’s possible to gets dents in your door. Thankfully, these dents can also be quite easy to repair on your own by using some auto body filler. Auto body filler is usually used to repair dents in cars, but it works just as well on your iron door. The repair can be done by sanding the damaged area, filling in the dent with the auto body filler, then smoothing out the area again. If your door is painted, you’ll also need to repaint the area.


How to Paint Your Wrought Iron Door

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There are a few benefits to painting your wrought iron door, including rust prevention. However, painting must be done correctly to prevent damaging your door. 

Follow these steps to prime and paint your door:

  1. Remove the door from the frame, as this will make the rest of the process easier. Make sure to have two people complete this step for safety reasons.
  2. Get rid of any rust from the door using any of the methods mentioned above. This step is absolutely essential. Painting over rust means that you’ll no longer be able to see it, and it could spread under the paint without your knowledge.
  3. Remove any old paint from the door using sandpaper or a steel brush.
  4. Clean the door by following the steps in the first section.
  5. Cover any parts of the door you don’t want to be painted (like the handle) with painter’s tape.
  6. Apply a protective coat of metal primer on your door. Wait for the primer to dry before you start painting.
  7. Paint your door with wrought iron-appropriate paint. Using the wrong paint may result in it not sticking properly or chipping easily.


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