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Room Dividers: Barn Doors vs. Interior French Doors

Room dividers are a fantastic way to change the layout of your home without investing in expensive home renovations. But, how do you choose what kind of room divider to get, and what are the best room dividers? Barn doors and interior French doors are popular choices that you’ve likely heard of already. We’re going to compare them here so you know which is the better choice for your home.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Barn Doors

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The primary benefit of the barn door room divider is its rustic appearance. You can’t really get that look elsewhere, and if it matches your home, it will be a great choice. They’re also wonderful at providing privacy, as the barn doors are solid and don’t offer visibility. On top of that, barn doors can be relatively inexpensive. You can even build a sliding barn door yourself. This does take quite a bit of work, but it is possible if you don’t want to spend much money.

On the other hand, because of its distinctive style, it won’t be able to match everyone’s interior design. For example, it would look out of place in a modern or Mediterranean home.

Also, because barn doors are made of solid wood, they can make a room feel dark and cramped when they’re closed. So, they’re generally best used in larger rooms that get plenty of natural light.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Interior French Doors

Photo by Alexandra Gornago on Unsplash

The greatest benefit of interior French doors is their flexibility. They look wonderful almost anywhere, except for maybe the most traditional-looking homes. What’s more, is that they can easily break up rooms without interrupting the flow of light. The glass will always allow your space to feel bright, even when the door is closed. This means that this room divider can easily be used anywhere without making your space feel small.

One potential drawback would be the lack of privacy. With standard glass, the door doesn’t provide any privacy across the division. However, with decorative glass, you can create privacy between spaces while still allowing the flow of light. The only other downside compared to barn doors is cost. You can’t build steel French doors as a weekend DIY project, and as they are constructed from premium materials, they will usually cost more than a wooden or faux wood door.

Which Is the Best Choice?

Which interior doors are the best choice for you will depend on your home and your priorities. If you have the kind of home that will look good with a barn door room divider, and you want to spend as little as possible, then a barn door would be a good choice. However, steel French doors will be a fantastic addition no matter what your home looks like.

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