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Steel French Doors: With or Without Sidelights?

If you’re building a new home or renovating your current place, you’ve likely considered whether or not you should get steel French doors with sidelights. At first glance, it seems like a great idea, as they look nice and provide plenty of light, but what about privacy? Here are the pros and cons of French door sidelights so you can make the right choice.


The Benefits of Steel French Doors with Sidelights

Steel French doors provide plenty of benefits on their own, but those benefits are only heightened with the addition of French doors sidelights. Here are three ways that sidelights can improve your home:


Improved Entryway

While steel French doors look great on their own, any standard-sized door can look small and disproportionate compared to the rest of the house. With sidelights, your door becomes more visible and more like the highlight of the front of your home. 


More Natural Light

Do you know what’s better than a bit of natural light streaming into your home? Even more light. Natural light is great for your physical and mental health and makes your house a more pleasant space. Not only that, but the more natural light you have, the less you need to rely on lighting, so you won’t have to spend as much on energy bills.


Better Views

More window space in your entryway means more area you can see through. Up against a street view, this may not seem like the greatest benefit. However, as a patio or garden door, the added sidelights are a fantastic way to get closer to nature inside your house.


The Drawbacks of Steel French Doors with Sidelights

French doors with sidelights do have many positives, but there are some drawbacks to them as well. Here are a couple of reasons you may choose not to add the sidelights:


Lack of Privacy

Just as you can see outside through your sidelights, others can see into your home. This can be a dealbreaker for some, especially for those who live in busy neighborhoods. However, if you want the sidelights but are still concerned about privacy, there are ways to fix that. One option is to get decorative glass that won’t be transparent, or you could also get curtains for your sidelights.



The other reason you might decide sidelights aren’t for you is that there’s an additional cost to getting sidelights. Not only will you need to pay for the sidelights, but you’ll also likely need to increase the opening in your home to accommodate the sidelights, which will also have a cost.


French Doors With Sidelights: Yes or No?

If they’re within your budget and you’re not too worried about privacy, using Trench doors with sidelights is a fantastic way to enhance your entryway and brighten up your house.

Whether you want sidelights or not, Bighorn Iron Doors can provide you with the perfect steel French doors for your home. You can browse our available doors or even put in an order for your own custom door. Contact us today by calling us at (833) 811-7199 or by filling out our online form to find out more about us and our products.

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