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Description : Square Top, Sandblast Glass, Black Finish, Left Hand Inswing -- Note: Pull handles are priced separately. If you want a door that will elevate your home's entranceway, the ALPHEUS LH from Bighorn Iron Doors is for you. With its square top and versatile black finish, the single ALPHEUS LH door is a great fit for most modern or contemporary homes. Despite being so versatile, the door does have a unique Art Deco-inspired look that's sure to set your home apart. A key feature is its two narrow windows, which are made with high-quality sandblast glass. rnrnThe ALPHEUS LH has more to offer than its modern yet intriguing aesthetic. It's wrought iron, so it's exceptionally secure, strong, and weather-resistant. Unlike with most doors, you won't have to worry about it cracking, warping, or rotting. With proper maintenance, it can even last you for 30+ years, making it a safe investment in your home!
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Category: Category:
Color: BLACK
Single/double: SINGLE
Size: 37" X 81"
Style: Modern,Contemporary,Art Deco



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