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How to Transform Your Study with Steel French Doors

With 5.7 million US employees working from home, and that number likely to rise, home studies and offices are only becoming more common. It’s essential to design these personal workspaces in a way that motivates maximum productivity. Looking for some home office inspiration? Here’s how you can use steel French doors to transform your room into an inspiring and productive space.

Why Interior French Doors Are the Perfect Design Choice 

Having interior French doors near your workspace is an excellent way to enhance your work-from-home office area while improving your productivity. French doors do this is by increasing the natural light in your room. Natural light is critical to feeling positive and focused while working. The large windows of the steel French doors allow the light from the rest of your home to travel into your space while still blocking out distractions such as noise.

Using Exterior French Doors to Elevate the Interior Design of Your Home Office

If you’re lucky enough to have an office or study room with an entrance onto a patio or yard space, it would be a great idea to use that entryway for a steel French door. Not only will this increase the natural light in your room even more, but it will also allow you to get closer to nature in your office.

Having elements of nature in your workspace is beneficial to both wellbeing and productivity. This can be achieved by having indoor plants, water features, and other decorations. You can create an even more calming, nature-inspired ambiance with a steel French door. The openness to the outside that the door provides can do wonders for your mental health while working from home.

What to Consider When Choosing a Steel French Door

Steel French doors don’t all just come in one style, so you have different options to choose from. Here are some considerations when picking out the right door for your home office:


While the standard square top doors are the most common choice available, they’re certainly not your only option. Other shapes such as arched doors are a fantastic design choice you’ll want to consider for your home.


As French doors are predominantly made of glass, your choice of glass will drastically affect your design. If you want a bit of privacy for your office, decorative glass is a fantastic choice. It looks great and offers privacy while still allowing natural light into your room.


Steel French doors are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose one to match either your interior or exterior design, depending on whether you’re getting an exterior or interior French door.

Order High-Quality French Doors for Your Home Office

Where you choose to buy your French doors will make a big difference in the quality of the product you receive. Bighorn Iron Doors designs and manufactures timeless steel French doors. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our doors can improve the interior design of your home office.

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