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How To Paint Iron Doors? – New Method

Paint is a simple spot to look at when one wants to remodel the doors. In the event that your door has been bearing similar paint for a few or more years, odds are it’s looking somewhat worn out. That is especially obvious in places where the bountiful daylight can fade even the best paint job. With a new layer of paint, your maturing door will, out of nowhere, spring back to life. 

Let’s now talk about iron doors. An iron door isn’t just something wonderful to have; it is a material that will keep on going for a lifetime and past. Whether you opt for a single-entry wrought iron door or double-entry design. With its durability and timeless aesthetic, wrought iron enhances the style of your home.

Exposure to harsh daylight and climate can even make an iron door look far more seasoned than it is.  Along with that, if you learn how to paint iron, your door can look more exquisite over the long run. 

Moreover, If you are looking for an iron door for your home, explore some advantages of single or double iron doors.

iron doors

For what reason Should You Paint Iron? 

There are many reasons for painting your iron doors. Some of them are given below:

  • Giving your iron door another layer of paint makes it look brand new.
  • Painting your iron door also gives it additional assurance against some external components.
  • At the point when the iron door is not painted, it’s left exposed to the dampness and humidity that causes rust. 
  • Untreated rust will keep on destroying the iron door, eventually bargaining its design. 
iron doors

Steps to follow when painting iron doors

If you want to repaint your iron door, but you’re not sure how. There are some steps you should do while painting your door, and there also some steps that should be avoided as they could damage the door. Let’s look at some of the simple steps that one should follow while painting an iron door.


The first step to painting an iron door is to gather the tools you’ll need for painting the door. Cleaning and painting your door will require the accompanying apparatuses: 

  • Cleaning fluid 
  • Wire brush 
  • Paint scraper 
  • Paintbrushes 
  • Sandpaper 
  • Soft and delicate fabrics 
  • Metallic paint 


The second step includes knowing when and how to Clean the iron door. The climate will significantly impact your painting activity; it should be warm and dry, and the outside of your door should also be dry. Before you start to paint the door, you’ll need to guarantee that the humidity is under 80% or more than 50 degrees. This will keep dampness and humidity from getting caught in the paint and moving to the iron’s surface. It will likewise take into consideration a solid connection between the paint and the exposed surface of your iron door.

iron doors
iron doors


The third step that you will need to perform is to scrape and sand. Wipe down the whole surface of your iron door to eliminate any dampness. At that point, utilize your paint scraper to eliminate all old paint and uncover rust spots. Utilize the wire brush to eliminate any rust and eliminate the residue with an old paintbrush. In the event that you don’t eliminate the entirety of the paint and rust, dampness will proceed to enter and harm the iron. 


The fourth step includes using a primer. Some metal paints are accessible with rust-hindering primer blended directly into the paint. You can likewise decide to apply the primer independently from the paint. In the case of doing the last mentioned, check the can for the timeframe. It’ll take the primer to dry; you’ll need to apply your metal paint straightaway after this opportunity to guarantee a solid connection between the paint and the layer of primer.  


In the fifth step, you finally start to paint your iron door. In case you’re utilizing shower paint, hold the can a few inches away from the surface, keeping it moving. Apply the paint in light covers with a few passes to elude dripping. In case you’re utilizing a brush, apply the paint in two thin coats rather than one thick coat. After the main coat has been applied and has dried totally, you’ll need to sand it softly prior to applying the subsequent coat. 

Steps to avoid while painting an iron door

  • If you are thinking of removing the door, the first recommendation we would give is not to remove it on your own, as an iron door is heavy and challenging to remove alone. Make sure you have the needed help. 
  • The second step to avoid is painting over the old paint. If you paint over existing paint, you won’t have proper priming space, and your finished product will look scraped and untidy. 
  •  Another step to avoid is forgetting to rinse. It is important to rinse your iron door to prevent dust residues from sticking to the door’s surface. 
  • The last step that you should avoid is to paint the door before the primer drys out. The primer should be kept at least for 24 hours to dry. If the primer is not dried, it will mix with the paint, and the end product will not be worth it.  
iron doors
iron doors


Regardless of whether you’re hoping to supplant your old iron doors or it’s your first time shopping, the Bighorn Iron Doors company has styles for everybody. You can likewise modify your door to suit your home’s extraordinary style. We make each door utilizing procedures that went down through the ages, consolidating them with modern innovation for providing excellent doors on which you can depend forever. Glance through our site to find out more.

Are you tired of the same old look of your home? Consider upgrading your entryway with an elegant wrought iron door. Whether you choose a single or double wrought door design, the elegant and timeless appeal of wrought iron can instantly transform the exterior of your home.


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