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What’s the Difference Between Cast Iron and Wrought Iron Doors?

When iron is used for construction, it generally takes one of two forms: cast iron or wrought iron. We’re familiar with the terms – many of us have cast iron pans at home, and I’m sure we’ve all seen beautiful wrought iron fences. But what’s the difference between the two? Does it matter when either is used and would cast iron or wrought iron make a better door for my home?

What Are Cast Iron Doors?

Cast iron gets its name from how it’s constructed, as the metal gets melted down and cast into a mold. The metal itself isn’t pure iron – it’s an alloy containing a small percentage of carbon (2% – 4%), varying amounts of silicon and manganese, and traces of impurities such as sulfur and phosphorous. Essentially, it’s a complex mix of elements put together to create a strong metal.

Cast iron is a relatively cheap method of construction, as pouring the metal into a mold isn’t as labor-intensive as other methods. However, while cast iron is strong, it’s also rigid, making it brittle and easier to break in comparison to wrought iron. The rigidity is caused by the higher concentration of carbon in cast iron than wrought iron. More recently, malleable and ductile forms of cast iron have been created, but they are still brittle compared to wrought iron.

What Are Wrought Iron Doors?

Just like cast iron, wrought iron isn’t purely iron. Instead, wrought iron contains a small percentage of carbon (less than 1%), and a small percentage of slag (1% – 2%). Traditionally, wrought iron was created by heating the metal and working it with hammers to create desired shapes and designs. It was then reheated and worked multiple times until the final product is complete.

Because of the intensive process required to make wrought iron, it was far more expensive than cast iron. However, the lower quantity of carbon and the working process made wrought iron a strong metal that is far less brittle than cast iron.

Today, wrought iron and wrought iron doors are generally made using machines and mild steel. This is much cheaper than the labor-intensive practices used historically but still provides strong, durable, and beautiful doors.

Which Is the Best for My Home: Cast Iron Vs. Wrought Iron?

Although cast iron has many uses, it’s not ideal for your door. Because of how brittle it is, it would be relatively easy for an intruder to break into your home. It would also struggle to withstand major storms. On the other hand, wrought iron doors are extremely secure and durable, and they are a fantastic option for your home. What’s even better is that wrought iron doors are highly customizable and can be made to fit your exact needs.

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