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What Are Steel Doors?

Steel doors are one of the many options available for both exterior and interior doors these days. With the amount of choice available when it comes to picking out doors, it can sometimes feel overwhelming just trying to find the information you need. However, doors aren’t cheap, so you want to make sure you’re making the best decision for yourself and your home. Making an informed decision is the only way to ensure you’re happy in the end. We’re here to help by discussing all you’d need to know about steel doors before making your final decision.

Steel Door Design

Steel doors are, as the name implies, constructed using steel. Steel itself is an alloy made of iron and carbon, which creates a strong and durable metal. Steel doors, however, aren’t entirely made up of that single material. While that would certainly make them extremely durable, it would also make them too heavy to be used as doors. Instead, they’re made of a polyurethane or a polystyrene core. The perimeter of the door is surrounded by a wooden frame called a stile, and all that is covered in a steel skin.

The amount of actual steel on the door is determined by its gauge. The gauge of the steel refers to its thickness, with a smaller gauge meaning a thicker sheet of metal. The steel used for doors is generally between 16 and 24 gauge. This provides the door with a good amount of durability while keeping it at a manageable weight.

Steel French Doors

Although it’s commonly believed that steel doors are reliable but ugly, that’s not at all true. Steel doors are highly customizable and can be made to suit many different tastes and styles. Here at Bighorn Iron Doors, we specialize in crafting gorgeous french steel doors. These doors are characterized by their sleek designs and large amounts of glass. 

These doors can be customized as well, and the main difference between the designs is the number of windows, or lites, that the door has. Fewer lites provide a more minimal design, while more lites provide a more colorful and structural design due to the increased amount of steel on the door. The following image is an example of a 3 lite steel french door that we offer.


(Image from Bighorn Iron Doors)

Steel Door Benefits

Steel doors are a great option as both an interior and exterior door due to the many benefits they offer. Most obviously is that steel doors are durable because of the material they’re made of. However, the extent of their durability may surprise you. Steel doors also produce other positive effects that aren’t as well-known as their durability.


Because steel is such a strong metal, it makes protective and durable exterior doors. Their durability covers three major factors: fire resistance, damage resistance, and longevity.

1. Fire Resistance

Being fire resistant is important for doors because they can help slow and prevent the spread of both smoke and fire. A door’s fire rating refers to how long a door can last before breaking down and succumbing to a fire. Steel doors have a fire rating of 3 hours, which is longer compared to other door materials. However, It’s important to keep in mind that this rating was based on testing new doors, and that 3 hours is the best-case outcome. In the end, though, steel is a superior material in terms of fire resistance compared to materials like wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

2. Damage Resistance

Because of how strong steel is, it’s also capable of resisting damage in many forms. Steel doors have been tested to show resistance against both blasts and forced entry. This makes steel doors a secure option as they would be able to prevent unwanted entry into your home. Importantly, these doors are also great at resisting tornadoes. As tornadoes are a common occurrence in Texas, this may be a reason on its own to consider getting a steel door.

3. Longevity

As a result of their amazing durability, steel doors make a great long-term investment. When properly installed and maintained, steel doors should be able to last at least 30 years before needing to be replaced. Even when buying a more expensive steel door, you’re likely to spend less money in the long run simply because it will last longer than other doors and you won’t need to spend money replacing it.


Another beneficial aspect of steel doors is that they’re easy to maintain. All they really need is to be cleaned when they get dirty. They’re also not easily dented or cracked. Even when they do, they can be easily fixed by a professional, and they don’t just need immediate replacing. The only thing you might need to worry about is rust. Metal on its own is prone to rust. However, there are treatments available to help prevent this from happening, such as galvanized coatings and finishes. Overall, the little amount of money and energy needed to go into maintaining a steel door is absolutely worth the rest of the benefits it provides.

Energy Efficiency

For all of us in Texas, one of the best benefits of steel doors is their ability to help keep the home cool in the summer. While their heat transfer properties are directly related to the door’s core, so they can vary between different designs, steel doors are generally good insulators. This is especially true in comparison to wood and aluminum doors, no matter what the core of the steel door is made of. As one of the biggest expenses for energy in Texas is on air conditioning, it really helps to have a door with good insulation. Keeping your home cooler in the summer means less energy wasted and less money spent!

Noise Reduction

One final aspect that many people don’t think about is how well a door is able to reduce noise. If you live somewhere busy, it can get quite loud outside, which can be bothersome or uncomfortable when those sounds travel into your home. Preventing the transmission of sound even within your home can be beneficial, especially if you share a home with many people. Steel doors are great at noise reduction, making them an ever more appealing choice for both the outside and inside of your home.

Steel Doors Are Fully Customizable

Overall, steel is a wonderful option for your door’s material and will offer many benefits for your home. What’s even greater is that they’re entirely customizable, so you don’t have to sacrifice looks to have a great door. You can change the shape of the door, the look of the metal, or even the type of glass for any panes in your door. Whatever fits you and your home best is what you can get.

If you’d like some more information on steel doors, or if you’ve made your decision on what kind of door you’re looking for, then contact our friendly team at Bighorn Iron Doors. We’d be happy to answer any questions or go over what we have in stock with you. Already know what you want? You can easily begin ordering your very own custom door either online or by calling us at (833) 811-7199.

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