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French Steel Doors

Use vibrant color and make your entryway exceptional with French Steel Doors in Weston, Florida

Don’t you like the traditional colors for the doors as they give a distinctive look to your entryways? Yes, and these days people don’t want to go with the normal and want the best for their home. If you are one of them, you are in the right place because you will find exceptional doors that make your home stand out in the street.

If you want to give a unique appearance to your home, nothing can beat the distinctive style of French Steel Doors. These doors are entirely graceful and enhance the overall appearance of your home. Whether you have a large or small space, you can install these doors in your home in Weston, Florida.

But, where to get them? No doubt that there are a lot of companies that provide these doors, but if you want doors that can stay long with you, you should buy them from Bighorn Iron Doors. We have a comprehensive collection of these doors, so you can select the one that best suits your home.

Distinctive Features of French Steel Doors

Now, you will be wondering what makes these doors unique compared to other entries? So, there are plenty of reasons and features of these doors that make them the people’s first choice. Let’s dive into the deep details and discover the more exciting parts of robust steel doors for your home.

Strong Glass Panels

The beauty of the steel door lies in the insertion of glass panels. There are various options in the glass, so you can choose the one you like the most. For instance, the rained, insulted, painted, or any other of your choice. These panels enhance the look of your entryways,

The designs of the glass panels look great on the doors and give you to enjoy the outside view without opening the door. For this reason, you can install these doors on a patio, balcony, or even if there is a small space because these doors easily fit any room and give you the privacy you need.

French Doors

Energy-efficient Doors

Have you ever thought that the doors could become the reason to lower your bills? Sounds great? Yes, you heard it right; with the installation of the French Steel Door, you will see a drastic change in electricity and gas bills, and this is because of the insertion of high-quality glass panels. 

We add insulted glass panels to these doors, making your home’s environment cozy and comfortable. If it is summer, it won’t let the heat come in and destroy the inside temperate of your home. Similarly, in winter, these doors allow the cold outside of your home and give you a relaxed environment.


Customization is what people these days demand because they have their ideas, so we turn them into reality. We can make it for you no matter what color, shape, design, or style you want for your door. We have experts with decade-long experience that can manufacture your dream door.

In addition, the customization also helps make consistency throughout your home. How? It’s simple. Because our designers make sure to manufacture the doors in a way that matches the overall theme of your home, no matter which style of your home is, we can make any steel door for you.

Secure and Stable French Steel Doors

We all are concerned about the security of our homes and spend a lot of money on buying expensive locks for our homes. So, why not invest in steel doors and save money? Because French Steel Doors come with exceptional safety and provide you and your family with the protection, you deserve for your home in Weston, Florida.

Moreover, the glass panels in them let you see who is standing outside of your home without opening the door. These doors give the intruders and burglars a tough fight, so they can’t break into your house. It is not easy to break these doors because of the premium quality material we use in its manufacturing. 

French Iron Doors

Durability and Stability

People are also concerned about how long the door will stand with them when investing in a doorway. Therefore, we assure you that our French Steel Doors can stand years with you, and you don’t have to replace them after a few months or years. They won’t rust, and nothing can destroy their look.

Furthermore, if there is a rise or fall in temperature, that would also not affect the functionality of these doors. Because of the rise or fall, they won’t swell or rust and give you the protection and stability you deserve. So, these doors are durable and stand the test of time.

Choose Professionals

It is always an excellent decision to ask for the help of a professional who can help you give you more exciting ideas for your door. They best understand the colors, designs, and styles that match your home’s interior and exterior and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Whether you have an old or a modern one, you will get a door that perfectly matches your home’s facade. You will get the traditional, classic, and modern design in the doors that come with exceptional styles and impress your visitors. So, leave a long-lasting impression on them with the installation of these doors.

A Quick Wrap Up!

There is no doubt that you can get these doors anywhere around you, but getting these doors from professionals increases their life of them. Therefore, make a one-time investment, spend money on purchasing French Steel Doors, and leave the stress of replacing the doors for years. You can trust the expert designers and manufacturers of Bighorn Iron Doors, who has the best and most trained professional on their team. You can discuss any idea with us, and we will suggest what suits your home the best. Moreover, you will find any design in our comprehensive collection, and if you don’t like it, we can make a personalized door for your home in Weston, Florida.

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