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Save Thousands on Metal Pivot Doors in San Antonio, Texas

Looking to update the entranceway of your San Antonio home? A metal pivot door could be the answer. Pivot doors hinge from the bottom and top rather than the left or right side. They swing on a concealed axis and are unrestrained at the sides, giving them a lot of unique benefits and an appealing modern look. 

Metal pivot doors are an excellent choice if you want your home to be distinct from others on the block. Learn more about the advantages of pivot doors and discover some of Bighorn Iron Doors’ most stylish yet affordable options below.

The Many Advantages of Pivot Doors

Metal pivot doors have become more popular in the 21st century — and for good reason. They’re easy to maintain, operate silently, and will make great use of your space. In terms of style, they’re modern, stylish, and a favorite among many interior designers and architects.

Alongside being exceptionally reliable and secure, metal pivot doors create such a wide-open entranceway. This is especially convenient for people with mobility issues. The wide opening also allows for a nice uninterrupted view of the great outdoors.  

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Save on Pivot Doors Under $6,000

Here are a few of our many metal pivot doors for sale that cost less than $6,000!

1. Alicante Cast Aluminum Door – $5,070

The Alicante pivot door exudes sophistication with its modern style. It’s a sleek cast aluminum color, which pairs beautifully with its gold accents. 

2. Pompeii White Pivot Door – $4,290

Your home is sure to stand out with a Pompeii white pivot door. The bright white is striking yet elegant, making it a perfect fit for modern and contemporary homes.

3. Ravenna Composite Wood Door – $5,070

For a more natural look, consider investing in a Ravenna pivot door. Its red oak composite wood gives this door a unique feel and an appealing earthy vibe. 

4. Verona Composite Wood Door – $5,090

Despite using composite wood, the Verona pivot door is quite different from the Ravenna. The Verona features a darker Congo sapele wood, which gives the door a more modern and rustic look.

5. Bronco Wood Pivot Door – $5,090

The Bronco pivot door is perhaps the most modern looking of the bunch. It’s mostly a sleek black, but the lighter composite wood element under the handle gives it a more eye-catching and dynamic look.

Are Pivot Doors Worth It?

Pivot doors tend to cost a little more than your standard iron or steel door, but this can be an excellent investment in your home. San Antonio is one of the top US cities people are moving to. If you ever plan on selling your home, having a gorgeous metal pivot door in your entranceway is sure to get you more attention and higher bids.

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Shop Affordable Metal Pivot Doors in Texas

With so much variety and affordable prices, you’re sure to find lots of fabulous pivot doors within your preferred price range at Bighorn Iron Doors. Not sure if a pivot door is right for you or your home? No problem! View our gallery to check out our wide selection of steel French doors, pocket doors, pivot doors, and much more. 

Have any questions about our metal pivot doors, customization options, or anything else? If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out. To get in touch with our team, please email sales@bighornirondoors.com, call (833) 811-7199, or fill out our inquiry form. Our team would be happy to hear from you.

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