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Berry 37″ X 81″ Black Single Entry French Door Left Hand Inswing


Category: Category:
Color: BLACK
Glass: CLEAR
Single/double: SINGLE
Size: 37" X 81"
Style: Modern,Contemporary,Art Deco

Description : BERRY LH Steel French Door 37 X 81 LEFT HAND INSWING BLACK Color CLEAR Glass STEEL Material PULL HANDLE #006 SQUARE DEADBOLT SINGLE SQUARE TOP Modern,Contemporary,Art Deco Style (Pull Handles and Locks are price separately) Illuminate your home with rays of natural light by upgrading to the BERRY LH from Bighorn Iron Doors. This single door is ideal for any homeowner that wants to feel more connected to the great outdoors. Outside of its black steel frame, the BERRY LH consists largely of clear glass. This gorgeous glass allows you to look out onto your backyard, patio, or front lawn without any obstructions. rnrnThe pristine glass is the star, but the door's steel frame is just as important. The steel frame is what makes this stylish modern door secure, durable, and weather-resistant. You won't have to worry about it warping, rotting, or cracking after a couple of bad storms. The BERRY LH is built to last so you can bring the outdoors indoors for years to come.
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