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Getting Glass for Your Front Door? Some Concerns to Keep in Mind

Having a front door window, or even a full glass door, is appealing to many people. They’re absolutely beautiful and are able to bring you closer to the world around you. More importantly, they let in a ton of natural light for you and your home to enjoy. Essentially, a glass door is able to provide the benefits of an open-air entrance without all the deterrents, such as animals and bad weather. However, there are still some concerns to keep in mind when considering glass in your front door.

Durability and Heat

One concern about glass doors is their durability. Even if you have a strong material for the remainder of your door, such as iron or steel, that won’t prevent the glass in your door from being breakable. This brings up concerns not only of how long the door will last but also the security of the door. If the glass can be broken, then how can you stop unwanted entry into your home?

Another concern is the lack of temperature control from the glass. When the door is able to let in so much sunlight, it will be heating up your home. In this way, even though you may be saving energy on lighting, you would be spending more money on air conditioning, which isn’t ideal.

However, there is a solution to both of these problems: double-paned glass. Having your glass double-paned will make it more reliably durable as it will then be much more difficult to break. The extra pane is also added insulation. So, while there still might be a bit more heat from the light, it wouldn’t be as drastic as if you only had one pane of glass.


Another common concern with glass doors or front door windows is privacy. If you live in a densely populated area and there’s a lot of traffic going by your front door, then this may be a concern for you as well. There are some solutions to this, though, if you want the benefits of a glass door along with privacy.

Curtains or Blinds

The easiest option would be to get curtains or blinds for your front door. This option also offers the flexibility of choosing when your privacy is more important than the natural light and openness of the glass door. The downside here is that you won’t be able to get any natural light in when you do want privacy.

Privacy Glass

Another option is to have glass panes that will offer window privacy all on their own. This can come in the form of many different types of decorative glass. Decorative glass isn’t completely smooth, so it’s nowhere near as see-through as the glass you would have in your windows, for example. Instead, it will offer privacy while letting in natural light. On top of that, a nice decorative glass can easily enhance the look of your door.

Customize Your Front Door Glass at Bighorn Iron Doors

At Bighorn Iron Doors, we provide a wide range of iron and steel doors, including beautiful steel french doors. The glass we use in our doors is also fully customizable, and we offer many different decorative glass options to keep your home private. Contact our helpful team to learn more about our doors or to order a custom-made wrought iron door.

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