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Iron Door Handles

Door handles are often overlooked as minor elements of a space, but perfectly installing the best door handles can transform the atmosphere.  Iron door handles are classy and timeless. While adding a vintage, bohemian, industrial, and modern feel to the space, they can blend into any design with the right shade and style. 

At Bighorn Iron Doors we offer a wide selection of impeccably well-crafted designs and options for sizes based on the length of the door or your design choices. Our elegant black handles come with many designs that can add an industrial and modern architectural feel to your door.

As our customer favorite, we bring you a diverse spectrum of design options, from simple to fancy. Bronze door handles for iron doors are also extremely popular if you have more of a bohemian fused with an industrial style. 

Similarly, we also offer silver shades of iron door handles to balance out the modern decor theme of your house with a simple yet alluring design selection. We specialize in selling the best quality cast iron door handles as well as wrought iron door handles. Check out our collection to find the best one to fit your home.  

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Iron Door Handle FAQs:

Door handles come in different sizes and shades like back, bronze, copper, silver, and many more. Iron door handles are of different types based on how they are mounted to the door; mounted on a rose, plate, and back-to-back mounted. In terms of designs, Big Horn Iron Doors offers a wide range of sizes to match differently sized and designed doors. Our collection encompasses wrought iron handles, cast iron handles, as well as handles for farmhouse, Mediterranean, and Spanish-styled designed doors.

Using safety glass, a drill, or a simple screwdriver can replace your door handles. You simply need to unscrew the existing handle with the help of a screwdriver and place the new one. If installing a different-sized iron door handle, you will need to drill extra holes and fill in the previous ones.

The placement of iron door handles is up to you! Not all designs may be symmetrical, and you can install the handle in whichever way is preferred and matches the space.The holes for the screw work in any placement style of the handle.

Iron door handles can be painted. You need to use latex paint or exterior acrylic paint. In fact, painting and re-painting the handle from time to time will add an extra layer of protection and prevent rusting after a long time. As a result, painting makes it looks new again.

Yes, we customize iron door handles with high-quality mechanical design and professional craftsmanship based on your preference in our custom door order services.

Yes. Our iron door handles have a warranty of 2 years after the initial delivery date. Learn more about our warranty policy.

It is best to replace an iron door handle if it is broken. With breakage comes pointier edges inside and out, that might be dangerous and damage its working mechanism. The replacement is simple; anyone can do it at home with a screwdriver, drill, and safety glass. However, if it is a minor breakage in the lock, you can unscrew the handle and move around the lock in case it is stuck. Such minor breakage doesn’t necessarily need replacement.

It takes us around 3 to 4 months to complete custom-made door handles. We offer high-quality material, mechanical components, expert craftsmanship, and attention to minor details to bring you the best iron door handle for your door.

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing an iron door handle for your home. You need one that compliments the design of your space and door design while being the right size for convenience based on your needs. There are different options for exterior door handles as they need to be made with solid material, long-lasting paint, and a stronger security lock system, unlike most interior door handles.

You can simply add a teaspoon of regular or vegetable soap to water and use a towel to wipe your iron door handles to clean them from time to time.

In Big Horn Iron Doors, the standard price of an iron door handle is $125. But the price can range from $100 to $300 in case of customization based on your personal needs and design preferences.

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