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Iron vs. Wood — Which Door Is More Secure?

Your door is the first line of defense against home intruders and the elements. If you want to have the most secure door type for your home, you’ve probably considered iron and wood doors as options. While both are strong, one comes out on top by most metrics. Read on to find out what type of door is strongest!

Weather Resistance

Wood doors are more affected by weather than iron doors. This is because raw wood absorbs moisture, which can cause the door to contract, swell, and crack. The warping can reach a point where the door can’t even be closed properly. While moisture can cause iron doors to rust (if they’re not maintained properly), they’re much more resistant to moisture and weather conditions in general. 

Home Invader Deterrence

If you want to project an image of security, iron doors are the way to go. Visually, they’re much more daunting than a wooden door. They can deter potential home invaders from targeting your property. 

Overall Strength and Durability

Iron doors are the hardest doors to break into. Unlike wooden doors, they can’t be kicked down or destroyed with brute force. Iron doors are great for securing your front entrance, but it’s still worth considering things like a home security system and motion sensor lights.

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