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2023 Home Design Trends in Austin, Texas

Do you like updating your house’s interior to keep up with the latest trends? Plan on selling your house this year? In either case, knowing what’s in and what’s out is key. That’s why we’ve created a quick list of home design trends that are predicted to be big in 2023!

Segmented Layouts

After so many years of popularity, the open-concept trend appears to be on the way out. The extra time spent indoors these past few years has revealed the downside of open-concept layouts — the lack of privacy. Not every room needs to be completely walled off, but dedicated spaces are ideal for spaces like living rooms and home offices.

Big Beautiful Windows

One of the major home design trends in 2023 (and 2022) is big windows. Larger windows don’t just look good — they’re also a fantastic way to invite more natural light into your home. Natural light can help you feel closer to nature and have a positive effect on your mental health.

Natural and Rustic Interiors

Another trend carrying over from 2022 is natural and rustic interiors. That longing to bring the outdoors indoors has led to homeowners incorporating natural materials like leather, wood, and stone into their interior design. If you’re looking for easy DIY home improvement ideas, simply decorating with real or fake plants can help you achieve this vibe.

Wrought Iron Doors

For the most trendy and attractive home design in Austin, you should consider replacing your front door with a wrought iron door. They’re elegant and make an aesthetic statement while still being versatile enough to complement almost any home, plus they’re exceptionally secure and durable.

Update Your Home With Bighorn Iron Doors

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