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Iron Doors vs. Timber Doors for Humid Southern Cities

Southern cities like Baton Rouge, Jacksonville, and Dallas are known for their high humidity. Your front door is exposed to this humidity 24/7, so it’s essential to find the right door type for your region.  

The best doors for humid regions won’t swell or warp when exposed to humidity. They’re also insulated enough to keep cool air from escaping your home. So, which type of door is right for your home? Let’s compare iron doors vs. timber doors to see how they stack up. 

Keeping Air Conditioning Inside

You spend money to keep the inside of your home cool and comfortable. So if you don’t want that cool air escaping or hot, humid air finding its way inside, iron doors are your best bet. Many people prefer iron doors for Southern homes for this reason, as they’re durable, well-insulated, and an effective way to improve your house’s energy efficiency

Swelling and Warping

Timber doors can swell and warp when exposed to excessive heat or humidity. This is due to a moisture imbalance that’s created between the interior and exterior of your home. Once the wood dries, it can shrink and alter the door’s size and shape. 

There are ways to fix a swollen door, such as sanding the edges. If you’d rather avoid this trouble altogether, you can invest in an iron door. Unlike timber doors, wrought-iron doors will not swell, warp, or shrink.  

Order Durable Doors Made for Humid Areas

Bighorn Iron Doors is proud to have an inventory of doors for extreme heat and humidity. As the largest distributor of iron doors in the US, we’re confident you’ll be impressed by our selection of steel French doors, pocket doors, pivot doors, and more in our gallery.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order and enjoy free local delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, please email sales@bighornirondoors.com, call (833) 811-7199, or complete our online inquiry form.

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