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4 Best Holiday Front Door Decor Ideas 2022

Feeling festive? Then you’re in luck! We’re here to help you take your holiday front door decor to the next level. Check out our list below to keep up with the latest decoration trends. You’re sure to find inspiration for your Christmas front door decorations this season. 

1. DIY Wreaths

Wreaths are a holiday classic. They’re beautiful, eye-catching, and timeless. If you’re on the lookout for trendy wreaths in 2022, you might not find them at the mall. To create cool and creative wreaths that stand out from the crowd, consider taking a DIY approach. There are plenty of great DIY resources online to help you. All you’ll need is some floral wire, floral tape, craft glue, and a few other materials

2. Real or Plastic Plants

Plants are wonderful decor for your entranceway all year round, and the holidays are no exception. Not sure how to find the right Christmas plant decor? Whether you’re buying real or fake plants, try to go for seasonal ones like holly, mistletoe, and cedar. This will give your entranceway a much more festive vibe.

3. Cute Holiday Mats

A mat is one of the most affordable and practical decorations for your front door and entranceway. They can add a pop of color or have a cheery message that welcomes your guests. You can also use your new mat to clean off your boots before you go indoors!

4. Steel French Doors

Nothing will complement your trendy holiday decorations better than some steel French doors. With their impressive durability, great security, and elegant style, they’re a stellar long-term investment for your property. They’re so versatile that you’ll have no trouble pairing them with different decorations for every holiday or special occasion that comes up. 

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