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How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Creating a more energy-efficient home is beneficial for many reasons. You’ll be reducing the amount of energy you’re using, which means that you’ll be saving money as well as being more environmentally friendly. 

Making more energy-efficient changes doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Here are some energy-saving tips to help you save money and reduce your environmental impact.


Replace Your Lightbulbs

One simple way to make a big change in your energy use is by changing out your light bulbs. Traditional incandescent lights aren’t very effective. They only convert about 10% of electricity into light, meaning that the remaining electricity gets turned into heat. More modern lighting technology, such as LEDs and CFLs, are much more efficient and last longer. Making sure all your lights are coming from one of these more modern sources will ensure less energy use and less heat being generated.

An extra quick tip here is to just make sure you’re turning off your lights whenever you don’t need them, especially during the day when natural lighting is available.


Install an Iron Door

One of the biggest expenses for Texas homes is air conditioning. One way to reduce your air conditioning expenses would be to install iron doors for your exterior doors. They’re better insulators than other doors, meaning they’ll be able to help keep your home cooler in the summers. In turn, you won’t need to spend as much money on your air conditioner. Check out our article on the cooling effect of iron doors if you’d like to learn more.

Another tip for keeping your home cooler in the summer is by using ceiling fans, as they’ll be able to help circulate the cool air in your home.


Replace Old Heating and Cooling Systems with More Efficient Versions

Many homes, older ones especially, can benefit from an upgrade in their heating and cooling systems. Heating systems and air conditioners that are even just a decade or two old are far less efficient than what’s on the market today. Upgrading these appliances will create a more energy-efficient house while also increasing your home’s value.


Be Conscious of Appliance Use

Appliances and electronics are another big contributor to your home’s energy bills. Being conscious of how you use them can make a big dent in your energy savings. For example, simply unplugging electronics you’re not using, such as your laptop or phone charger, will make a difference here. Another factor to keep in mind is that your fridges and freezers should stay away from warm appliances (stove, dishwasher, etc.) and direct sunlight. The extra heat will make them use even more energy to keep everything inside cold.


Change How You Do Your Laundry

Washers and dryers consume a lot of energy, so being more careful about how you do your laundry can also create energy savings. Wait until you have full loads to do your laundry whenever possible. Use cold water whenever your clothes aren’t too soiled, and always clean the lint trap before using your dryer. Finally, you should always hang your clothes to dry when the weather permits it.


Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Today

If you’d like to make changes towards a more energy-efficient home, then Bighorn Iron Doors can help. We create high-quality iron doors that can help keep your home cooler in the summers and save on your energy bill. Contact us today to see what we have in stock or to order your own custom wrought iron door.

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