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Increase Your Home’s Value in Houston, Texas

Do you plan on selling your home in the near future? If so, you might be looking for ways to increase the value of your home and attract home buyers. If you’re not sure about what upgrades increase home value, we can help you get started. Here are three straightforward ways to boost property value before selling your home.

1. Repaint the Exterior and Interior

A good paint job can add 5% or more to your home’s sale price! A fresh coat of paint can improve your home’s curb appeal, make rooms look brighter and more spacious, and cover up any dents, scratches, or smudges on the wall. For interior painting, try to stick to more neutral colors that won’t alienate any potential home buyers. 

2. Upgrade Your Front Door

Another great way to increase property value is to upgrade your front door. An iron door, for example, is very attractive to home buyers. It’s visually appealing, versatile, durable, and offers better protection from the elements and possible intruders. Iron doors are also built to last for decades, so home buyers won’t have to worry about buying a new one anytime soon.

3. Do a Deep Cleaning and Decluttering

This “upgrade” is very effective — and it shouldn’t cost you anything! A deep cleaning and decluttering of your home can make it look so much roomier. It also allows home buyers to visualize their own furniture and decor in the space. 

Choose Bighorn Iron Doors to Transform Your Entranceway

Bighorn Iron Doors is here to help you find a quality iron door for your home. You can view our impressive inventory of pocket doors, pivot doors, and more in our gallery. With so much variety, you’ll easily find a great door to increase your home’s value. 

Have any questions? Need assistance placing an order? Please feel free to contact our friendly team by emailing sales@bighornirondoors.com, calling (833) 811-7199, or completing our inquiry form.

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