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Double The Security of Your Home with Robust French Steel Doors in Weston, Florida.

Today, most homeowners living in Weston, Florida, know that solid doors are essential. They protect your family and valuables from the effects of weather and intruders. They also add value to your home. That’s why we at Bighorn Iron doors provide our customers with custom french steel doors to help them accomplish their goals for their homes. We customize our high-quality, custom steel doors for your needs by considering all of the specifications that you’ll need. We design these doors to be more resistant to burglary attempts than other entries due to their sturdiness and durability. The doors come with a lifetime warranty and are available in different finishes and styles. We’ll help you choose the right style for your home.

Why Choose French Steel Doors in Flordia?

Our exterior french steel doors enhance the beauty of Florida’s home while adding architectural interest to a home’s exterior. They can bring natural light into any room and are surprisingly easy to maintain. French doors are also ideal for indoor or covered porches. The natural attraction is their design. Although we offer hundreds of designs, no one else can duplicate the unmistakable windows-within-windows, frosted-door look that French steel doors create. We curate french steel doors from high-quality steel, add top-of-the-line hardware and glass, and perfectly craft them to match your home’s style.

And when you hire our talented and professional installers. You are rest assured to get the best installation service that saves time and enhances the overall look of your home. So, you don’t have to worry, because you are in safe hands. 

French Steel Doors – A Great Choice For Your Home in Weston, Flordia

French steel doors can be aesthetically pleasing, but they also help raise your home’s value in Weston, Florida. These solid and durable doors offer a rich texture, something you won’t find with aluminum or vinyl. Their design is one of the biggest reasons people turn to this type of door for their homes. French doors look more traditional than any other door, and they recall the days of castles and country manors with their elaborate designs and layout. So, don’t think twice about installing these extraordinary french steel doors in your home and let us help you in this regard. We offer a variety of french steel doors at a meager price that brings you a brand new look that WOW visitors at first sight. 

We are one of the best door installation companies around you. We have done so many projects and made people feel happy doing that to prove ourselves. We provide you with the best doors at a reasonable price. You can get in contact with us today. 

Exterior French Doors – A Suitable Option for Your Home in Weston

French steel doors are one of the unique options for exterior doors. They feature glass panes in a wood frame for both the windows and door, so you can enjoy natural light and maintain a feeling of openness to the outside world even when you’re inside. Traditional wood French doors keep your old home’s interior design charm while adding some flair to the exterior, and their durability means they can last for years. We offer exterior french steel doors at pocket-friendly rates. We design these doors with as much care and precision as we use in delivering our other products. From wrought iron hinges to screws and plate protectors, entries made by us offer reliable quality that won’t break your bank. Our experts can also help you choose a door that best reflects your home’s characteristics. 

Is Your Home Safe Enough?

Do you wish to make your home safe enough? If yes! You need to check the quality of doors and windows in your house. Having a solid french steel door can be helpful for anyone, especially for those who have kids and valuable belongings in their homes. We have been here for many years and providing our clients with the best quality products. Our products contain 5mm – 10mm thick steel sheets best in commercial buildings and have already have tested by a third party lab. We can make them as per your design or supply factory design for you for free so that you can ensure the safety of yourself and your family members. Besides French steel doors, we also provide glass sliding doors with black toughened glass panels. This is an exceptional product made by modern contemporary 3D engraving technology techniques. It is not only beautiful but also decisive. We use only imported UV high-resistant glass panels and a wooden frame to offer better weatherproof performance during the winter and summer seasons. For more information, please feel free to contact us. 

French Steel Doors in Action

Our french steel doors are best to last for decades yet are half the price of our competitors. You can achieve this through higher quality steel and advanced manufacturing. Looking for a top-quality and professional manufacturer of french doors? Bighorn Iron Door is the place to be. We offer quality and impact-rated french steel doors with different designs acceptable to the need of our customers. We manufacture all types of standard industrial doors and custom doors. Whether you are in need of some replacement parts or want to create a new door, we can do it all for you.


It’s always great to achieve a goal. This is why we provide the best French steel doors on the market. We want to make sure you have no regrets about your purchase. We build strong and durable steel doors in Weston, Florida. We are honest and hardworking. We do not hide behind reviews, and we have no interest in that philosophy; instead, we believe a handshake is the best endorsement. Our doors are made with sturdy steel and the best paint on the market. We build for strength and style and check every detail of the door. If you want quality at a great price, we are waiting for your call. Visit our site and learn more about us.

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