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How to Tell If You Need a New Front Door

Are you unsure if you should change out your front door? A front door is the centerpiece of your entryway and makes a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal. Having an attractive front door is important if you’re thinking of selling your home. However, there are also plenty of practical reasons to replace your door. We’ve listed some ways to help you determine if your front door is broken.

Your Door Is Visibly Damaged

The most obvious way to tell that you have a broken door is if it’s visibly damaged. Doors get plenty of wear and tear over time, and it might be time to replace your door if you notice that it’s dented or rusting. Too many dents and too much rust can lead to a lack of structural integrity. This can cause a host of issues, including a lack of security. It’s harder to prevent unwanted entry without a structurally secure door. 

If you currently have a wood door, you might also see that it’s beginning to split and peel. This can happen because of the expansion and contraction over the years. Splitting and peeling come with their own problems, as they can allow moisture and insects to get inside the wood.

There’s Space Around the Door

If you can see that there’s light shining through the edges of your doorway, then there’s a problem. That means there’s space for other things to come through, such as drafts, water, and insects. Drafts are not only uncomfortable for you, but they’ll also be harder on your heating and cooling systems, increasing your energy bills in turn. Of course, having water or insects coming through your entryway creates their own problems as well. You can try to fill those gaps, but you should consider that as a temporary measure, since getting a better-fitting door is a much better long-term solution.

It’s Hard to Open Your Door

If you’re finding it regularly difficult to open or close your doors, that’s another reason to consider upgrading. This is indicative of warping or expanding in your door, which would be causing it to get stuck in the door jamb as it no longer fits properly. This sort of warping could also be leading it to create spaces in other areas of the doorway (such as the top or the bottom), resulting in those previously mentioned issues.

You Don’t Like the Way It Looks

Finally, it’s important that you like the way your home looks. This includes your front door and entryway. With the plethora of design and material options for doors these days, you don’t need to stick with one if you really don’t like it. As previously mentioned, having a good-looking front door will increase your curb appeal, making it easier to sell your home in the future.

Upgrade Your Front Door to an Iron Door

Does your front door need to be replaced? Consider upgrading to an iron door in the process. Not only do they look great, but they’re also durable, secure, and energy-efficient.

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