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How To Measure Up for a New Iron Door

Looking for a new iron door to transform your home or storefront? Before you purchase one, there’s an important question that you’ll need answered. How big should my door be? If you don’t know how to measure for a new door, you’ve come to the right place. 

Having accurate measurements is key to ensuring a secure and seamless fit. If you buy a door using the wrong measurements, you could end up something that’s ineffective against the outside elements or just plain doesn’t fit. That’s why we’re here to walk you through all the steps of how to measure a door frame. 

Gather the Right Tools

You’ll only need three tools to measure your door frame for a new door. The first is a tape measure, which should be steel, retractable, and long enough to effectively measure your frame’s height and width. 

The other two you’ll most certainly have somewhere at home – a pencil and paper. This will allow you to write out the measurements you take quickly so you don’t forget. It would also help to have another person working with you, as they can record the measurements for you or stabilize the tape measure.

Double Check Your Measurements

As stated above, accuracy is critical when measuring for a new door. That’s why you should always double-check every single one of your measurements. If even one of your measurements is off, you’ll receive the wrong door for your frame. This is where it comes in handy to have a second person there to read out measurements to. 

Measure the Width, Height, and Depth

As for the actual measuring part, you’ll need to measure your doorway’s width, height, and depth. For the width, you must measure across the top, middle, and bottom, not just the middle. Take these measurements from the inside with your current door completely closed. Then, take your tape measure and extend it from the left and right points at which your door rests. 

Your doorway’s height measurement should also be taken inside with the door shut. Simply extend your tape measure from the very bottom to the top (inside the jamb). Do this same thing at the edges of the door as well. This is an important step, as your door frame could be uneven or warped in some way. When measuring depth, make sure the door is open. Extend your tape measure across the area where the knob and lock pass through. Again, you should also be measuring this area at the top and bottom of the door to get the most accurate measurements.

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