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Glass Sliding Doors vs. Steel French Doors

Glass sliding doors and French doors have a lot in common. They both connect interior spaces to the great outdoors and can elevate the overall look of your home. That said, they also have differences. So, which type of door is better suited to your home? In this article, we’ll compare glass sliding doors vs. steel French doors. Once you know their pros and cons, you can make the best choice for your property. 


Sliding glass doors are typically more convenient. They’re easy to operate and won’t be blown shut by the wind. They do, however, tend to have a larger threshold. You may also need to walk over a raised bottom track when entering and exiting your home, as the doors need a track to slide along. French doors can also be convenient, so long as you buy doors that open outwards. Otherwise, they may take up too much of your interior space. 


Sliding doors don’t take up any interior space, but they also don’t open very wide. If you think you’ll be moving furniture outdoors or hosting parties, you’ll want French doors for their wider opening. French doors can open approximately twice as wide as a two-panel sliding door. 


Both French doors and glass sliding doors have their own unique visual appeal. If you’re really drawn to natural light, you’ll love how much is let in by a glass sliding door. French doors also allow in lots of natural light, but they have the added benefit of complimenting a variety of home aesthetics. Steel French doors look great with contemporary homes, traditional homes, and homes featuring an industrial interior design.


If security is a top priority for you, you should consider opting for steel French doors over glass sliding doors. Both can have reliable locking systems installed, but steel really makes all the difference. Steel is the strongest alloy, meaning it’s extremely difficult to break through. No matter what type of door you purchase, buying one made of steel is ideal for keeping intruders out. 


In terms of value, steel entry doors are one of the best home investments. They’re durable and can handle harsh weather conditions, which future homebuyers will love. Their classic look will also improve the curb appeal of any home. Glass sliding doors are visually appealing, but they won’t necessarily improve your curb appeal or impress buyers with their durability. 

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Though glass sliding doors have their advantages, it’s hard to compete with the security and versatility of steel French doors. If your goal is to add value to your home, steel French doors are definitely the way to go. These elegant doors will help set your home apart from other properties on the street. 

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