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Decorative Wrought Iron Security Doors Double Your Safety

Wrought iron security doors enhance safety while blending with the architectural style of your home. These doors are a stylish alternative to grilles or safety mesh, which can give your home a prison-like appearance.

When criminals assess a home to break into, they look for entryways that offer the least resistance. Decorative wrought iron double doors are hard for burglars to breach, even with force.

High Security Custom wrought Iron Doors


When people think about doors for their homes, they typically only consider how they function to allow entry and exit and how they keep out the elements. However, your home’s doors serve a much more important role – keeping your family safe from burglaries and intruders.

When potential burglars assess homes to target, they look for easy ways to gain entry without being seen or heard. They often target the front door because they can easily get into the house from there.

Decorative iron security doors are a great way to enhance the security of your home and provide you with a sense of peace, especially when paired with other security measures like home security cameras and alarm systems.

Wrought iron doors are made with strong and solid iron, allowing them to be resistant to breakage. The glass that is used in these doors undergoes a rigorous testing process to determine its class rating, which indicates how resistant it is to shattering and other tools burglars use when trying to break into a home.

Any scrollwork that may be featured on these doors further protects the glass, acting much like iron security bars.

You can make your choice from a wide selection of designs and options when selecting wrought iron security doors for your home.

There are ornate ironwork options that complement the historic architecture of many homes and sleek styles that cater to a contemporary aesthetic. This allows you to create a door that is uniquely yours, adding a special touch to your home’s security.


These security doors are a popular choice for homeowners who want to engage in home improvements that will increase the value of their property while optimizing the safety of their families.

They can help deter burglars from gaining access to your house by providing a robust and secure barrier between your family and any potential intruders, effectively making your home a fortress.

They feature sturdy and durable metal constructions that are highly resistant to the elements. They also feature advanced locking systems that keep intruders from getting through the door’s surface or reaching the locks.

They are the perfect addition to any burglary prevention strategy, especially when combined with additional layers of defense, such as outdoor security cameras and a home alarm system.

Iron door manufacturers offer an array of glass options to complement the aesthetics of the door, including frosted and privacy glass.

Unlike traditional front door glass, which can shatter and break easily, the glass used in wrought iron security doors has a higher class rating that makes it less vulnerable to breaking or shattering.

Many people opt for grilles or safety mesh on their doors to protect their homes from intruders, but this can give the exterior of your home a prison-like appearance. Wrought iron security doors look stunning and incorporate a secure design, so you won’t have to sacrifice style for safety.


This door will enhance your property’s overall curb appeal. Its sophisticated aesthetic will make your home stand out as an eye-catching statement of elegance. The door is available in a variety of designs that can fit into either classic or contemporary architectural styles.

The doors are also highly resistant to changes in weather elements, such as rain, snow and extreme temperatures.

Unlike wooden doors, they do not swell or buckle due to moisture, making them more durable and long-lasting. They can be customized to match other door features, such as panelled sidelights and transoms.

Glass windows are often added to wrought iron doors to increase their security. They are sturdy against breakage, and the ironwork is much more difficult to manipulate with burglary tools.

Unlike a traditional window, an iron window will not obscure the view of your front yard, which will permit you to enjoy natural light and fresh air.

Wrought iron security doors can be paired with matching security windows and gates to create a cohesive aesthetic that maximizes your home’s protection.

You can also choose from a range of colors and textures, enabling you to select a color that blends with your existing doors or stands out as a stylish statement piece.

Efficiency in Energy

Wrought iron security doors are incredibly durable and can resist the elements, including wind, rain, and dangerous storms.

They’re also not susceptible to rotting or rusting like traditional wooden doors, so they’ll last for years to come. This longevity and reliability provide you with the assurance that your home’s security is in good hands.

Another benefit of these doors is that they provide superior energy efficiency. This is because they seal up the entryway much better than traditional doors, preventing heat loss and air leaks that often result in inflated energy bills.

These doors are also very versatile in terms of their design, as you can customize them to match the aesthetics of your home.

The designs can be simple or intricate, allowing you to create a door that’s truly one-of-a-kind. You can even choose to add a glass or metal screen to your door, which helps to keep the weather out while still allowing airflow.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s security without compromising its style, wrought iron security entries are the perfect solution. They’re a great choice for homes of all styles, from modern waterfront mansions to suburban Queenslanders.

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Final Touch!

Nothing can beat the heat of Bighorn Iron Doors‘ superb range of wrought iron, French and pivot doors. These high-quality entries can double your space’s charm. Our exquisite craftsmanship and elegant designs will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provide an added layer of security. 

With our sturdy construction and durable materials, our entryways will stand the test of time while keeping your property safe.

Whether you’re looking for a grand entrance or a subtle statement, Bighorn Iron Doors has the perfect solution to elevate the charm and functionality of your space.

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