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Different Styles of French Doors – Bighorn Iron Doors

French doors are a extra stylish way to open your home and enjoy natural light and views. They can also bridge gaps between adjoining rooms or spaces that don’t have windows.

They are available in a range of styles, frame materials and opening options. Choosing the right ones can be challenging. So, to make things versatile for you, Bighorn Iron Doors company is going to share some beautiful styles for these doors. Read this guide till the end:

French Steel Doors

Wood Framed

When you think of French doors, envision an elegant pair of glass panes that not only produce a visual and physical connection between indoor and outdoor spaces but also offer many practical benefits to your home.

From enhanced natural light to improved ventilation, these doors can truly transform your living space. The beauty and functionality of these doors also lend a sense of spaciousness to interior rooms.

Wood-framed French doors offer the traditional charm and durability of timber. They’re available in a range of wood species to suit the home’s design.

In addition to wood, uPVC and aluminum frame options are also available for boosted energy efficiency. These frames can include decorative features like grilles to complement the home’s architectural style.

Other materials that offer durability and a range of aesthetics include fiberglass, steel, and vinyl.

All of these options are available with a variety of frame sizes to accommodate different openings and configurations. They also feature low-maintenance designs to withstand harsh climates.

For example, fiberglass offers impact resistance and a robust structure that prevents air leakage. Its high thermal efficiency also helps maintain the temperature. Its dark colors also resist fading and chalking, making it a long-lasting option for homes in harsh climates.

Similarly, steel framing is a smart choice for spaces in areas susceptible to hurricanes and tornadoes. The rigidity of this material also reduces noise transmission and provides an added level of security.

Clad Framed

Introducing French doors into transitional spaces like dining rooms and living rooms redefines the ambiance of these areas by bringing in more natural light, opening up interiors to the outdoors and creating an airy space where family members and guests can socialize comfortably.

These doors are also versatile, with customization options that align with personal style preferences and home decor.

The type of material used in a French door’s frame, or cladding, also has an impact on how the door is able to withstand the elements. Wood frames can be weathered and warp if not properly sealed, while fiberglass frames are stronger and more durable.

Fiberglass also expands and contracts at the same rate as glass, which minimizes air leakage around the edges of the door.

Fiberglass French doors are a smart choice for exterior entryways because they help to block harmful UV rays that can damage skin, furniture and floor finishes. Additionally, this material is available in dark colors that resist chalking and fading.

Many homeowners choose to upgrade their French doors with a custom glazing option. This provides added insulation, soundproofing and improved energy efficiency.

Options include double or triple-glazing with low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings, as well as simulated Divided Lites that offer the classic look of divided lites but the enhanced energy performance of single panes of glass.

Divided Lites

Divided lites have long been a popular option for French Doors and windows. This decorative grid pattern offers the beauty of multiple glass panes without compromising on strength and privacy.

Today, they come in a variety of styles and materials to suit any style. They can also be customized with different widths and patterns for greater design flexibility.

Traditionally, divided lites were made with functional muntin bars that physically separated the glass. These were necessary when glass production was in its early stages, and large panes of glass were not easily produced or affordable.

Today, divided lites are more of a design feature than a necessity, and glass production has advanced far beyond what was once imagined.

Achieving a divided lite appearance is now possible with a single piece of glass and the addition of interior grilles that are applied to both the inside and outside surfaces of the glass.

These are called Simulated Divided Lites (SDL). This allows for easier cleaning and maintenance but does not provide the same thermal efficiency as true divided lites.

At Bighorn Iron Doors, our wood and aluminum-clad Bi-Fold Doors and French Swing Patio Door options feature custom simulated divided lites.

This includes both the classic look of ten simulated divided lites on each panel and a less traditional “Masquerading” option, which features two sets of five simulated divided lites.


As homeowners look to connect with their gardens and outdoor spaces, French doors are a beautiful option to consider. These double doors create a natural bridge to your backyard while maintaining a high level of security. With their stunning view, unobstructed access and ability to maximize space, French doors are a timeless addition to any home.

French doors are not just a functional addition to your home, they’re a statement of your personal style. At Bighorn Iron Doors, we offer a variety of customization facilities to help you create the perfect French door for your home.

You can pick from numerous glass panels to bring in more sunlight, or you can opt for a more unique entranceway into a dining room or kitchen. Some homeowners even choose saloon-style swinging doors to add a playful and rustic touch to their home.

Inswing and outswing French door options are available, with the choice often coming down to which direction your doors open.

Outswing French doors are ideal for maximizing space in your home as they don’t need as much clearance to operate, but they can be more difficult to open with heavy snow outside. Additionally, outswing French doors are prone to water leakage in between the slabs during rain or windy weather.

Swinging French doors are a great way to let in more light and enjoy a gorgeous garden view from the comfort of your indoor living space. With their stunning design, they can also be a perfect way to entertain guests or host family gatherings.

Wrap Up!

Bighorn Iron Doors is proud to offer all these styles at affordable rates, ensuring that our exterior French doors are not only superb in quality but also a cost-effective way to enhance the overall look of any space. If you’re interested in buying the best exterior entries, visit our store today!

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