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4 Tips for Designing Your Coastal Home in Texas

There are few better feelings than being at the beach during the summer, and that’s precisely what coastal homes aim to evoke. And just because coastal is in the name doesn’t mean you actually have to live by the beach. This style and feel fit in Dallas just as well as they do in Galveston. Follow the tips we have for you here if you want to get that summer vibe in your home every season!

1. Include Plenty of Natural Elements

Natural materials are a staple of coastal design, as they help create that cozy and relaxed feeling. The natural elements can come from furniture made of wood, rattan, and weathered fabrics. Rugs made of straw, seagrass, or jute are also a great way to add natural elements to the home! It doesn’t just have to come through in the furniture, though, as adding some natural material to the walls and structure is a fantastic way to add texture to the house.

2. Stick to a Simple Color Palette

The most prominent color in beach house design is white, and for a good reason. Having white as the primary color makes your house look bright, just like the beach on a summer’s day. It also helps create an open and airy feeling in the home while also looking elegant. You can still accent with colors, but it’s essential to keep the colors soft. You generally want to maintain the color palette of the beach. Popular accent colors are the kinds of colors you’d find in sea glass, such as light blues and greens.

3. Increase Your Natural Light with Steel French Doors

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The sunlight is a vital aspect of the beach, and it’s just as important in your home. Coastal house design relies on natural light to work well and demands plenty of it. One excellent way to add more natural light into your home is by installing steel French doors. Not only are they essentially giant windows, but they can also be painted white or your accent color to perfectly blend into the rest of your design.

Bighorn Iron Doors creates safe and durable steel French doors of all sizes, which are sure to be a perfect fit for any coastal home. Contact us online or by calling us at (833) 811-7199 to learn more about our products and how you can order your own custom door!

4. Open Up Your Space

Coastal house design also prioritizes an open floor plan. It’s essential to have an open feeling and that you can simply flow through the home, instead of having lots of furniture and clutter that make it challenging to move around. Although you may not be able to change around your floorplan to make it more open, you can change the way your furniture and decorations are set up to make it easier to navigate through your house. In this respect, coastal design is actually quite similar to minimalism.

Enjoy the Feel of the Beach Year-Round

If the beach is one of your favorite places to be, then a coastal-style home is perfect for you. Follow these tips and you’ll be feeling like you’re in your happy place no matter where you are!

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