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A close-up of a beautiful double entry wrought iron door is placed on the home entryway.

What’s the Most Secure Door Type According to Industry Experts?

Having the strongest door possible can help you protect your home from both burglars and harsh weather conditions. So, what is the most secure door type? When compared to all major door types, including wood and fiberglass, wrought iron doors come out on top.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Doors

If you’d like to learn why iron is the most secure material for a door and its many other benefits, read on!A close-up of a beautiful wrought Iron Door placed on the home entryway.


They Can’t Be Kicked In

It’ll take more than a couple of kicks or a huge gust of wind to bring down an iron door. Iron doors are extremely strong, especially compared to their flimsier counterparts, like wood doors. This durability also makes them very long-lasting, with many iron doors lasting for decades without needing to be replaced. 

They Deter Home Invaders

One of the many benefits of iron doors is their sleek and elegant appearance. As it turns out, this appearance can also serve as a deterrent to home invaders. Simply the sight of an iron door can dissuade potential burglars from trying to enter your home, similar to seeing a security camera on your front porch. 

They Can Handle the Weather

Though they can be vulnerable to rust if not properly maintained, iron doors are not weakened by the weather. They can withstand the harshest environments and create a tight seal that protects your home from outside elements.

Invest in the Strongest Door Type for Your Home

Now that you know how to keep your property secure with an iron door, why not shop with Bighorn Iron Doors? Our wide selection of quality iron doors, which you can view in our gallery, offers the style, durability, and security you’re looking for. If you have any questions, please reach out by emailing sales@bighornirondoors.com, calling (833) 811-7199, or filling out our inquiry form.

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