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Three Exquisite Wine Cellar Doors for Your Texas Home

Having a wine cellar filled to the brim with bottles from all over the world is every wine lover’s dream. Of course, having the perfect wine cellar means having the right cellar door to go with it. So, how do you choose your door? We’ll show you what makes the ideal cellar door in Texas, and give you three examples of luxurious doors that you could order today.

What Makes Good Wine Cellar Doors in Texas?

If you want to ensure your wine ages at the best rate and with the best flavor, you need to store your bottles in specific conditions. Your wine cellar door can affect the temperature, light, and humidity of your storage room, so it’s essential to install a door that will uphold the best conditions for your wine.

Climate Control

Temperature and humidity are both important. The ideal temperature in which to store wine is between 50°F and 59°F, and it’s essential this temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much. Dramatic temperature changes will cause the glass bottles to expand and contract, which can let air inside.

It’s also important to keep it slightly humid in the cellar so that the corks don’t get too dry. For these reasons, it’s essential that whatever door you install can withstand and help maintain these conditions. For example, a wooden door wouldn’t be ideal, as the constant humidity can easily damage the wood.


Wine is expensive. When you have a full or growing wine cellar, that’s an important asset that should be protected. If you have children, you may also want to make sure it isn’t easy for them to get into your wine cellar. Choosing a door that will keep your wine cellar safe and protected is a must.

Three Exceptional Wine Cellar Doors

Steel and wrought iron doors are both perfect options for your wine cellar. They have excellent climate control, meaning they’ll help prevent temperature fluctuations in your cellar. They can also easily withstand the humidity. On top of all that, they’re extremely durable doors that will do a fantastic job of keeping out anyone you don’t want in your wine cellar.

Here are three steel and wrought iron doors that would make a great fit for any wine cellar:

1. Steel French Door

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors product page

This simple steel French door may look plain, but its simple elegance will highlight the design of your wine cellar. The focus on glass for the door means that your cellar will be easily visible from the outside, making this a perfect option if you enjoy looking in at your wine displays.

2. Vino Wrought Iron Door

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors product page

If you want something similar to the steel French door but slightly more decorative, this wrought iron door is an excellent choice. The glass is still mostly uncovered, so it’s easy to see through, but the grapevine details along the edges perfectly complement any wine cellar.

3. Palazzo Wrought Iron Door

Photo from Bighorn Iron Doors product page

This wrought iron door is a fantastic choice for anyone wanting a more grand entrance for their wine cellar. The exquisite wrought iron details and arched frame present your wine cellar as the best and most important room in the house!

Ordering a Custom Cellar Door

Don’t see anything that quite matches your tastes? No problem! You can place an order for a custom-made door at Bighorn Iron Doors that will be sure to elevate your wine cellar. Contact us to learn more about our products and place your order.

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