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Steel vs. Timber French Doors: Which Is Better for My Patio?

French doors are timelessly beautiful. They offer so many benefits, from letting in lots of natural light to allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your patio indoors. However, not all French doors are equally durable, energy-efficient, or secure. The quality of your patio French doors will depend largely on the material they’re made of. 

So, what’s better: steel or timber French doors? To help you make informed purchases in the future, we’ll go over the benefits of timber French doors and steel French doors. We’ll also discuss their various drawbacks and how these may influence your decision when you go to purchase French patio doors. 

Positives of Timber French Doors

There are several benefits to timber French doors. Depending on your tastes, their classic, traditional look can be very appealing. They’re also rigid, strong, and relatively easy to repair. If you have a garden or patio outside, timber doors offer a natural and aesthetically pleasing transition from indoors to outdoors.

Positives of Steel French Doors

The advantages of steel French doors are considerable. Most notably, they’re incredibly durable and highly resistant to cracking, decaying, or warping, unlike timber doors. They also offer better insulation and are more energy-efficient. 

If all that wasn’t enough, steel doors are typically less expensive than timber doors and can give your home a more distinctive appearance. Steel French doors are quite versatile. You’ll have an easier time finding steel doors featuring unique colors and designs than with doors made of other materials. 

Drawbacks of Timber French Doors

The primary drawback of timber French doors is that they’re more vulnerable to being damaged. Harsh weather conditions rarely affect steel doors, but they can take a major toll on timber doors. Timber doors also have to be refinished and cleaned more frequently, making them too high-maintenance for some homeowners.

Drawbacks of Steel French Doors

The only real drawback of steel French doors is that they can be cold or hot to the touch during extremely high or low temperatures. It’s also possible to dent them, but it takes a considerable amount of force to do so. 

Which Door Comes Out on Top?

While both types of French doors have their advantages, steel doors come out on top. As visually appealing as timber doors can be, the durability and versatility of steel French doors are hard to beat. 

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