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Oslo Thermal Break 72″ X 96″ Flat Black Double Entry Wrought Iron Door Left Hand Inswing


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Single/double: DOUBLE
Size: 72" X 96"
Style: Modern,Contemporary

Description : OSLO THERMAL BREAK LH Wrought Iron Door 72 X 96 LEFT HAND INSWING FLAT BLACK Color SANDBLAST Glass STEEL Material PULL HANDLE #006 SQUARE DEADBOLT 8469 - SINGLE CYLINDER (FLAT BLACK (US19)) DOUBLE SQUARE TOP Modern, Contemporary Style thermalBreak, Residential, Commercial (Pull Handles and Locks are price separately) The OSLO THERMAL BREAK LH double doors have all the sophistication of the standard OSLO model. They're attractive and subtle, with a modern style, flat black finish, and sandblast glass that brings light into the home without being entirely see-through. The feature that sets them apart, however, is the use of a thermal break. This addition reduces heat transfer, which helps you better control your home's temperature. rnrnAs you can see, the benefits of using the OSLO THERMAL BREAK LH for your entranceway go beyond appearances. Along with using sandblast glass and thermal break material, these doors are also made with wrought iron. This has made them incredibly strong, secure, long-lasting, and weather-resistant, meaning you won't have to worry about them warping, rotting, or cracking.
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