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Iron Door vs. Timber Doors — Which Is the Better Investment?

Your front door serves as a barrier between you and the elements. That’s why it’s important to invest in something that’s strong, secure, and built to last. So, what front doors are best? Let’s compare the two major door types, iron and timber, in a few key categories.

Which Door Offers the Most Longevity?

Iron and timber doors are both strong, but what type of door lasts the longest? There’s no clear winner here. When properly maintained, an iron door can last you upward of 30+ years. A timber door can last just as long, but it really comes down to the type of timber. A mahogany door, for example, typically last longer than a maple door.

Which Door Is More Weather Resistant?

If you’re looking for weather resistance, you may be better off with an iron door. Iron doors tend to have a tighter seal to protect you from the outside elements. Timber doors, however, can start to warp and crack after absorbing too much water. 

Which Door Is the Most Secure?

Iron doors are more secure — iron is the strongest material for a door, after all. Doors made of wood can be kicked down, leaving your property more vulnerable to home intruders. Iron doors, on the other hand, can actually deter potential burglars with their more intimidating appearance. 

Invest in Quality With Bighorn Iron Doors

With their security, weather resistance, and longevity, wrought iron doors are more valuable than other door types. Invest in an iron door to last you for decades to come with Bighorn Iron Doors. Browse our gallery to find the perfect fit for your home, whether you’re interested in steel French doors, pivot doors, or pocket doors. If you have any questions, please email sales@bighornirondoors.com, call (833) 811-7199, or fill out our inquiry form.

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