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What Way Should My Door Swing?

Whether you’re purchasing a new door or having one custom-built, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. You’ve probably thought about the style, color, and material, but what about the door swing direction? There are technically four ways a standard door can swing. Read on so you can decide which swing direction is best for your home’s layout!

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What’s the Difference Between Inswing and Outswing?

Let’s first break down the four different ways your door can swing when opened:

  • Right Hand Inswing: A door you open from the right that swings forward and away from you
  • Left Hand Inswing: A door you open from the left that swings forward and away from you
  • Right Hand Outswing: A door you open from the right that swings toward you
  • Left Hand Outswing: A door you open from the left that swings toward you

Do Doors Have to Swing a Certain Way?

When homes are being constructed, builders generally adhere to standard door swing practices. These standards exist for a reason, as they want to prevent doors from blocking the flow of traffic in a home.

We’ll explain these norms below for both exit and interior doors, but these aren’t rules you have to adhere to. There are situations where it’s beneficial to deviate from these norms, such as making a home more accessible or safer for elderly people. For example, homes for older folks may have bathroom doors that open out (outswing), as falling in the bathroom could result in blocking the door if it swung inward.

What Direction Should Exit Doors Swing?

Most homes have exit/exterior doors with an inswing. Having an exit door open inward is ideal because the hinges will be placed inside the home, making it inaccessible to burglars. That said, if you have a strong wrought iron door and other forms of security, having an exit door with an outswing shouldn’t be a concern.

A notable exception to this practice exists for homes in areas with harsher weather conditions. For homes that may be exposed to high winds and flooding, it’s often preferred to have an exit door with an outswing. This helps prevent wind from pushing the door open and from having water seep into the home.

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What Direction Should Interior Doors Swing?

Traditionally, the design of the room determines whether a door should swing from the left or right. Regardless of direction, interior doors usually have an inswing, preventing the door from blocking the hallway. Again, these are just general practices. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure your doors don’t block any passages or objects in your home, like a cabinet. If having a door with an inswing ends up blocking your toilet, for example, an outswing may be preferable.

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