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An Ultimate Guide About Different Types of Doors

It is every homeowner’s dream to style their house with a variety of accessories. In this scenario, custom doors play an important role. You will find a huge variety of entries in the market and will face many hurdles in choosing the best for your home.

To make your door selection journey more fruitful, Bighorn Iron Doors curate this guide for you. We will talk about various door types, including wrought iron, French, garage and pivot doors. Let’s start with the following:

Wrought Iron Doors

The durability and elegance of wrought iron doors make them a great choice. These are made from iron that’s been heated and forged. It’s common to use wrought iron entries for front entry doors, and there are a few benefits:

wrought iron doors by bighorn iron doors
  • Design Variety: Wrought iron doors come in a wide range of designs, allowing each homeowner to select what suits their preferences and complements their home’s architecture.
  • Durability: These entries are greatly solid and can tackle harsh weather conditions. They are ready to oppose rust and corrosion, making them accessible for both interior and exterior use.
  • Security: Wrought iron entries provide excellent security due to their robust construction. They are often equipped with high-quality locking mechanisms for added safety.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and occasional maintenance, such as repainting or resealing, are necessary to keep wrought iron entryways looking their best.

French Doors

They are characterized by their double-door design with glass panes, and they are popular for their ability to let in natural light. Here are some key features of these doors:

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  • Glass Options: French gates typically feature glass panes, and you can choose from various options, including clear, frosted, or decorative glass, depending on your privacy and aesthetic preferences.
  • Versatility: French entries are often used as patio or garden doors, creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. They can also be used as interior doors to enhance the flow of light and space between rooms.
  • Materials: The best thing about these doors is that you can personalize them from materials such as wood, fiberglass, and steel, each delivering its own edges in terms of solidity and charm.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are distinctive because they rotate on a pivot hinge instead of traditional side hinges. Here are some key points about these doors:

Pivot Doors
  • Modern Aesthetics: Pivot entries are known for their sleek and modern appearance. It enables the user to get customized with a bulk variety of finishes and materials to match their house style.
  • Large Sizes: Pivot doors can be quite large and imposing, making them a dramatic architectural feature. They are often used as grand entrance doors in contemporary homes.
  • Smooth Operation: Pivot gates open and close smoothly due to their pivot hinge, which distributes the weight evenly and allows for effortless movement.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are essential for securing your garage and protecting your vehicles and belongings. They come in various styles and materials, including sectional, roll-up, and swing-out doors. Key considerations for garage doors include:

  • Materials: Common materials for garage doors include steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. Every material possesses unique benefits, which can be categorized as durability, insulation, and aesthetics.
  • Automation: Many garage doors can be automated, allowing for convenient remote control and added security features like rolling code technology.
  • Insulation: Insulated garage doors help regulate the temperature inside the garage and can improve energy efficiency in your home.

Now, let’s discuss how Bighorn Iron Doors can assist with custom doors:

Bighorn Iron Doors is a company specializing in crafting custom wrought iron doors. For the perfect door, you can choose from a variety of services:

  • Customization: Bighorn Iron Doors can work with you to design a custom wrought iron door tailored to your specific preferences, whether you desire a unique design, size, or finish.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: At the heart of our work lies a deep passion for crafting beautiful doors that perfectly fit your unique style and needs. We put our hearts and souls into every detail, ensuring that your custom door is not only precise but also a true work of art that you can be proud of.
  • Installation: Bighorn Iron Doors can provide professional installation services to ensure your custom door is properly fitted and functions as intended.
  • Customer Support: Our team can assist you throughout the entire process, from design consultation to post-installation support.
  • Variety: In addition to wrought iron doors, they may offer a range of other iron products, such as railings and gates, to complement your home’s aesthetic.

We can help you design a unique and beautiful entryway or interior feature that enhances your home’s curb appeal and overall design.

Wrap Up!

Being one of the leading companies in the town, Bighorn Iron Doors can change the whole atmosphere of your house. We have all types of doors, such as wrought iron, French and garage doors, at reasonable prices. Now is the right time to pick your favorite entry for your home to make it more enchanting and eye-catching. 


What are the Advantages of Picking French Doors For My Home?

French entries offer several advantages, including:

Natural Light: French gates typically feature large glass panes that let in an abundance of natural light, creating an airy, bright ambiance.

Indoor-Outdoor Connection: They are excellent for connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces, making them ideal for access to patios, gardens, or balconies.

Aesthetics: French doors are known for their elegant and timeless appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home.

Ventilation: You can open both doors for better ventilation, which is especially useful during the warmer months.

Are Pivot Doors Suitable for Smaller Spaces, or Are They Better For Larger Homes?

Pivot doors can be suitable for both smaller and larger spaces. However, there are some considerations:

Size: Pivot entries are often used as grand entrance doors, so they can be quite large and imposing. In smaller spaces, you may need to carefully plan the door’s size to ensure it fits without overwhelming the area.

Design: The design and aesthetics of the pivot door can also impact its suitability for different spaces. In smaller homes, choosing a more minimalistic design can help maintain a sense of space.

Functionality: Pivot entryways can be a unique focal point in any home, regardless of its size, as long as they are chosen and placed thoughtfully.

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