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Steer iron doors vs Wood doors

Steel Doors vs Wood Doors for the entryway?

We all get enthusiastic while remodeling the exterior of our dearest homes. Home sounds an ordinary area, encircled with towering walls but it’s a welfare of peace and a zone loaded with memories.

On the cusp of picking the right entry door that blends well with home’s exterior, you will be swoon by the heap of options available. The endless array of designs, colors and especially the material will make it downright challenging to make a selection. 

wrought iron doors - a chic addition

You may select an entry door with an apparently appealing design and color without emphasizing the material actually. But, the material holds the heart of every door since color and design can be altered, but the material cannot be. Moreover, the right selection of material will be subjected to security, durability and longevity.

After picking up the right material, it would be easier to pick up an attractive design that can twofold the look of your home’s exterior. Obviously, there is a wide exhibition of materials such as wood, steel, iron and fiberglass. But in this article we will precisely discuss the pros of French Steel Doors and Wood Doors for the entryway to bring it in your notification which door is beneficial for you and which isn’t.

French Steel Entry Doors

If you are looking to revamp your entry door, French steel door might not be your priority. Undoubtedly, wood is more common for interior ornamentation, and aluminum is generally found in other fabrications, such as windows and door knobs.

But French Steel Doors are driving the trend list, shining up the exterior of almost every modern home. Potential house owners don’t pass out the opportunity to have French steel doors for their entryway because it serves a stack of benefits with nearly no drawback. 

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Some people avoid steel doors because they think steel is too heavy, ugly and expensive. But the truth is beyond their thinking as French Steel Doors are lightweight, alluring, customizable and relatively a cheaper option for your entryway. 

French Steel doors have a legacy of 100 years, surviving the harsh weather, abnormality of temperature and toxins come from the pollutant air. So, such enduring nature subjects French Steel Doors to stay among the top choices for main doors. Below are some convincing bullets about Steel Doors.


Other than its sturdy, secure and appealing aspects, French Steel Doors require minor maintenance efforts. Thus, it’s an indirect benefit for homeowners with poor maintenance habits and don’t want to spare much time to focus on households’ blemishes.

Safety from Climate changes 

Those regions where the temperature change is above normality, French Steel Doors keep the inner integrity of the house protected. Worthy to note, steel doors function well to endure every type of climate. Either it’s raining or snowing, French doors showcase an extremely durable nature.  Apart from climate changes, French Steel Doors can even resist a tornado since it has 100 pounds per square foot resistance to hurricanes and tornadoes.

Safety from Fire

Safety from fire is another worth spending factor, Steel is non-combustible and highly resistant to fire. It doesn’t feed the fire and requires more than three hours to adopt the effect of fire. Such insane safety from the fire makes it a priority for businesses that are involved in fire activities. 

Energy Efficient

French steel doors are made of two thin plates, sandwiching a dense layer of polyurethane foam. The high density of the foam is a thermal resistor, similar to fiberglass doors. This inner insulation entitles the steel the energy-efficient material. 

Wood Entry Doors

Wood doors have been in vogue before the invention of Steel of other fabrication material. The first Wood Door appeared in Europe around 3000 BC and still most part of interior fabrication commonly involves wood in it. But after the invention of Steel and other durable materials, Wood doors are a rare priority for entry doors for many house owners. In addition to the ongoing debate about Wood vs Steel, below is a deep dig theory on the pros of wood doors.


Wood doors work best in areas where pollution air causes rust to the outer layer of doors. In such conditions wood lasts longer and comparatively requires less maintenance since steel, iron or other materials incline towards rust, quicker than wood. 

Traditional and Classy

It is 2021, but still, we are not short of people who like to remain traditional and classy. The sublime and sleek looks of wood doors are matchless if you want an antique and classy look for your home’s exterior. Apart from this reason, some people opted for wood instead of any other material because they already have wooden fabrication for the home’s interior.

Versatile and Cheap

Entry doors consisted of wood, advantaging the buyer with design and cost. The ease in cutting, modelling and painting permits the skilled workers to introduce a wide scope of designs. Comparatively the best thing about wood is that it isn’t costly even in the wake of being highly versatile.

How French Steel Doors better than Wood Doors for the entryway?


Both are durable but Steel Doors offer better durability than Wood Doors. Wood feeds the fire and on rainy days becomes heavier than it’s actual weight, troubling the hinges and further increment locking issues.

Cost and Efficiency 

Both types of door offer a cheap approach for your main door, but French Steel Doors are comparatively cheaper than wood doors. Other than this, the special insulation makes steel more energy efficient than wood.

wrought iron doors - a chic addition


It is not a myth that wood is rust-free, but it requires more maintenance efforts than Steel Doors that make Steel Doors a Star for people with a bustling schedule.


Well, French Steel Doors are matchless when it comes to security. Steel is muscular than wood and won’t give up when jerked by the strong forces. This feature of steel is value-added to improve security.

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