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    Bighorn Iron Doors an extension of Universal Iron Doors has been in business for over 15 years. Starting out with only 2 employees we have grown into the largest distributor of iron doors in the United States. We specialize in custom iron doors, French iron doors, pivot doors, bi-folding doors, and pocket doors. We also manufacture hurricane proof doors and thermally broken doors for colder climates.

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    wrought iron doors

    Replacing, repairing, or adding entirely new iron doors or iron gates to a home or business property is no small matter. Front doors can set the aesthetic tone for your entire building, so it’s important that they are attractive. At the same time, of course, they must also be functional. Precise Iron Doors custom forges wrought iron doors with 12-gauge steel to ensure durability and security while ensuring each door is easy to use.

    We are proud to offer our clients the very best in terms of quality, service, and value when it comes to fashioning entryways that are attractively memorable but which also do their job.

    Custom iron doors are an incredible plea to improve the Surfacing of your home. We have some Unique door designs, the complete round design for wrought iron front doors gives your doorway a Royal look. Our Arced design Iron door provides a geometric Emergence having straight and round edges that transform your home with a glimpse look. Flat top doors are best for glass sliding doors with square and rectangular edges that can bring a luxurious look to your doorway. Choose appropriately to your taste and imagination, the shapes of the doors are customize, and you can check & choose sublime doors from our display for more detailing and models that assist your vision for beautiful Outlook. Whether you pick a flat-top design or shaped design, Bighorn iron door company can help rejuvenate your doorway vision.

    Our Doors Specs, Finish & Glass Options

    The most notable pieces of your wrought iron doors are their finish and glass choices. We claim that our iron doors are the best because the stunning iron doors we make are injected with top-notch polyurethane foam. The injected foam likewise helps to prevent the formation of rust on iron doors. Our wrought iron doors are suitable for all climates and weatherproof therefore are being utilized all over the states. Bighorn iron doors arrive on pre-hung steel jambs. These door jambs allow easy installation and it comes with operable glass.

    Our doors are furnished with two brass flush bolts. These flush bolts are situated on the door’s sides. The roller catch framework is usually incorporated with any door that keeps the door firm when it is closed. This feature prevents the wind from blowing the door open when it is shut. Our unique and elegant custom iron doors comprise great heavy-duty hinges. Our customer’s ease and comfort are all that we desire!

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