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What’s the Difference Between Patio Doors and French Doors?

Want to bring the outside in and enjoy the views of your yard from the comfort of your own home? Both patio and French doors will do the trick, but they’re not exactly alike. Knowing the differences between the two will help you make the right choice for your home. 

So, what’s the difference between patio doors and French doors? They don’t open the same way. French doors open outwards on a hinge, while patio doors, or sliding doors, slide along a track and are opened from the side. Of course, their unique advantages and disadvantages run deeper than that. Here’s everything you need to know when trying to decide between French doors and patio doors!

The Advantages of French Doors

There are many advantages to installing exterior French doors. They’re very functional, especially if you need to move large pieces of furniture in or out at any point. French doors are also quite secure, particularly if you opt for steel French doors. Steel French doors are very reliable in general, as they’re highly durable and are built to last for decades. 

The beauty of French doors can’t be overstated. They have an elegant and timeless look that suits the aesthetic of almost any home. They also let in lots of natural light, which is linked to countless health benefits and makes your home appear more open. This natural light will help heat your home during the colder months, saving you on energy bills. 

The Disadvantages of French Doors

French doors may not be for you if you have very limited space, as they typically require more space than other doors to completely open up. You may also need professional help to install them unless you have experience with French door installations.

The Advantages of Patio Doors

The key benefit that patio doors have over French doors is that they take up less space. This is due to them opening from the side rather than opening outwards. This isn’t relevant to all homeowners, but it is to those with very little space to work with. 

Patio doors are also easy to operate, and they let in slightly more natural light than French doors do. This is due to them being made up largely of glass panels. Though this gives them the advantage, the difference from the natural light let in by French doors isn’t hugely significant. 

The Disadvantages of Patio Doors

Patio doors don’t open as widely as French doors, so you’ll be limited in what you can carry in and out. They’re also more difficult to keep clean, as they’re often covered in fingerprints from opening them. 

While they pair well with contemporary properties, patio doors aren’t quite as versatile as French doors. You’ll also need a professional to install it for you, as a frame will need to be constructed on-site to accommodate the door.

How to Find the Perfect Door for Your Home

If you decide to purchase a French door, there are some factors you should take into consideration to find the perfect fit. The first is to opt for French doors made of hard-wearing material that will last, like steel. You should also shop locally if possible. Shopping locally is better for the local economy and the environment. 

If you’re looking for more guidance, please consult this informative French door buying guide.

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