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8 Pane French Door Outswing 72″ X 96″ Black Double Entry French Door Left Hand Outswing


Category: Category:
Color: BLACK
Glass: CLEAR
Single/double: DOUBLE
Size: 72" X 96"
Style: Modern,Contemporary,Art Deco

Description : 8 PANE FRENCH DOOR LH OUTSWING Steel French Door 72 X 96 LEFT HAND OUTSWING BLACK Color CLEAR Glass STEEL Material 8114 MODERN KEYED SIDEPLATE LOCK - LH - ACTIVE (FLAT BLACK (US19)) DOUBLE SQUARE TOP Modern,Contemporary,Art Deco Style (Pull Handles and Locks are price separately) These sleek French doors are constructed mostly of glass, giving them a beautiful look and allowing plenty of natural light to pass through. This helps your space feel open and airy, even when the doors are closed. Try these double doors leading out to your backyard, front porch, or even between interior spaces. Four large glass panes in each door keep the overall look light, even when paired with the black finish of the frame. The black color acts as a neutral, so it is easy to complement the color scheme in the rest of your decor. The general aesthetic is Art Deco, making these doors a great fit for contemporary and transitional styles, though they can easily pair with more classic styles as well.
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