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Iron Door Designs For Colonial-Style Homes

If you have a colonial-style home, then it implies that you need to offer a strong expression while at the same time you like to pause and appreciate the secret magnificence in the things around you. All things considered, you need to have the most attractive doors in your locale that likewise mirror your home’s style. At this point, you need to redesign your outside doors to staggering and stunning iron doors.  When it comes to choosing the right wrought iron door for your home, it’s important to consider factors such as style, size, and customization options available for both single and double doors. Doing so will permit you to choose the ones you like the best for your home or other architecture. 

iron doors


Iron doors

Iron Door Types

There are two general types of iron doors—single doors and double doors. The first thing is that you need to choose whether you want a single iron door or a double iron door. You can choose the one that fits your colonial-style home.

Single Iron Doors

A single iron door is only that—one entry that goes into the door casing and opens into the home. Single doors are appropriate for little doorways or places where you have restricted space. These single doors go well with doorknobs.

iron doors


Iron doors

Double Iron Doors

A double iron door highlights two doors that are introduced into the door frame. This is done so when the left and right sides are opened, you can augment the whole entry space. Besides, it makes it simpler to pivoting the doors to the door outline. Numerous individuals allude to double iron doors as french doors, albeit one key element of french doors is that they have glass boards as a feature of their design. This makes them not quite the same as strong double iron doors without glass highlights. 

Double doors can be introduced into homes that, as of now, have a single door. Nonetheless, you need to check with your project designer that you can undoubtedly extend the entrance. Double iron doors are likewise the ideal substitution for customary sliding glass doors, and they also fit with colonial-style homes. 

Iron Door Designs and Styles 

With regards to iron door designs and styles, you have an assortment of choices to look over for your colonial-style homes.  

iron doors


Iron doors

1. Traditional 

Traditional iron doors incorporate impacts from Rome, Greece, the Mediterranean, and the Tuscany. You will discover bends, whirls, bolts, and other such components in these door’s design. Another key component is the utilization of distinct components like palm fronds. 

2. Modern day 

Modern-day iron doors include striking lines, rectangular shapes, square shapes, semi-circles, circles, and other mathematical shapes. They can fuse at least one mathematical form into the door design. Some door designs likewise use glass highlights to additional upgrade the “Cutting edge” style. 

iron doors

3. Fancy or ornamental

Basically, all iron doors could be viewed as fancy or ornamental when they include different styles of ironwork in the doors’ designs. In any case, this particular style alludes more to added components that go past the door, including: 

Transoms: The transom is a different piece over the door that can be rectangular, curved, or round. Some fancy doors will have separate transoms over them. 

Eyebrow Top: There is a different “eyebrow” top over the door that isn’t an essential part of the door. It is absolutely utilized for accessorizing purposes to upgrade the presence of the custom iron doors additionally. 


Iron doors

Sidelights: This is another designing component that is often used on one of the two sides of the custom iron door. A few individuals allude to sidelights as side frames. 


4. Contemporary 

In general, contemporary Bighorn iron doors will get design highlights from traditional, current, and other design styles. They will, in general, element a central design with essential yet rich design work. Some contemporary doors likewise use components of the “Craftsmanship or Art Deco” style that frequently reflect current design patterns. 

Custom Iron Doors 

On the off chance that you can’t track down an iron door that you like or that fits your colonial-style home, working with the Bighorn iron door company, you can always design and make a custom iron door.  You can create a custom iron door for your home with the highlights and choices you want, including the multifaceted ironwork. 

iron doors


iron doors


At the Bighorn Iron Doors company, we have an enormous determination of iron door designs and styles that look as incredible as they work. Or then again, in the event that you have your design as a top priority, we will happily place you in contact with our design group to assemble a custom iron door design based on your personal preference. The entirety of our iron doors is manufactured with care and master craftsmanship, which means you are getting a piece that genuinely compliments your property. After numerous years in the business, we have sharpened our specialty, and our surveys and testimonials represent themselves. If you are keen on any of our contributions, we couldn’t want anything more than to hear from you. Just visit the contact page or call us at (833) 811-7199. 

In addition, If you’re looking to add functionality to your iron doors, then learning how to make them open from both sides can be a great solution. Check out our latest blog post on ‘How To Make An Iron Door Open From Both Sides‘ for step-by-step instructions and expert tips!

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